Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


Pay attention to the clues that are presented to you every moment.

Alcyone Vobis (Alcy), a self-perceived displaced soul, has spent most of her life trying to understand the two biggest questions since the beginning of time:

“Who is God and why are we here?”


Alcy’s life is plagued with frustration and disgust as she tries to find solace in a toxic society of greed, selfishness and deception. Through years of self-loathing, recklessness and suicidal thoughts, Alcy disconnects from a paradigm of conditioned delusions and misinterpreted struggles in search of an understanding that would release her from her suffering.


Propelled by an incessant subconscious dialog between her ego and her Soul, Alcy is driven far beyond the plateau of mortal reason and ascends into a frequency of perception far beyond the confines of her three dimensional reality.


Alcy begins to see her delusions of life’s misinterpreted struggles transcend into infinite wisdom. Her extraordinary ability of recognizing and deciphering the clues of reality, connects all of life’s mysteries and diverse sacred texts to one single Source, illuminating a world of understanding that would eventually change the perception of a subliminally controlled, ego driven world.

Is this the key to enlightenment that she has been searching for all of her life?

This book is written for those who feel lost in their existence, 

shedding Light on the age old quest: Who is God and why am I here?


Share the Light:
"...I am driven by cravings that I cannot satiate; the incessant desire to know what lies beyond limits of mortal comprehension. I am cursed with a futile wonder that haunts me with doubt and plagues my mind with confusion of my existence.

All of my life I have searched for a truth that would satisfy this hunger to understand why I am here, but I am starving in a world of knowledge.

I have walked the paths of diverse religions and yet, I cannot lie to myself, I have not found God. After all these years of searching, I am still ravenous with questions that no one can answer. In this vast world of billions of people my voice is unheard, a loneliness that I can no longer endure.

know thyself and you will discover the hidden truth that lies beyond the illusions of your thoughts and beliefs.

you have come here to grow, experiencing triumphs and failures to gain wisdom through the complete radius of human existence. your life force is driven by the will to understand, to expand into the infinite potential of what you truly are.

now, you see darkly through a mirror of metaphor, but through your clouded perceptions, the complete spectrum of human emotions will illuminate your world with the divine light of the ever-expanding truth.
it is precisely this vast world of billions of people that will show you the truth of your existence."