Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

If you amplify the frequency, the structure of the matter will change.”

-Max Planck, the founder of quantum theory.

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

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“Through many years of research and application of sound therapy and energy work, I have found that regardless of what was taught by professionals, I always seemed to gravitate back to my intuitive methods. After closely analyzing this persistent anomaly, I realized that such methods were addressing the unique qualities and needs of each person I work with.

A person's unique physiological and emotional make-up is as individual as their DNA, therefore I feel that there really is no “text book” standard of treatment, but rather a need for an energetic connection that bridges the individual with the Divine Source. This connection holds the potential to bring clarity to their darkness; and from this all healing is possible.”

-Karen Chinery

The Crystal bowls are an ascended version of the Tibetan singing bowls, dating back to the 15th century. Singing bowls are known for their exotic sounds, which resonate long after they have been played.
These tones (or frequencies) harmonize with the natural frequencies of the human body, used for centuries for healing, balance and energy work. 

Crystal bowls are made of 99.9% silicon quartz.
One reason why the pure tones affect our body is that the human body has a natural affinity to quartz. Our bones, blood and DNA are crystalline in structure, as is our brain. Even on a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electro-magnetic energies. This is the same formula of silica as natural quartz crystal.

Thus, when the crystal bowl is played, the crystalline cells in our bodies begin to vibrate at the same frequency as the bowls, allowing for balance and alignment within the body and mind.

Crystals are known energy conductors.

Quartz crystal has the ability to receive, store, and transmit energy, which is why it is used in most advanced telecommunication systems such as computers, telephones and radio equipment.
Thought (intention), being one of our most powerful forms of energy, is enhanced by the
amplifying properties of the crystal bowl frequencies.

Based on the principles and research of world renowned Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, Karen directs a specific affirmation, associated with each Chakra, into the sounding of each bowl, amplifying the intention with its crystal vibrations. These energies then oscillate within the cells of the body, creating a prime physiological environment for personal growth, clarity and well-being.

The affirmations that are directed into the frequencies of the bowls are:

Root Chakra: I am rooted into my reality with clarity of my Divine purpose.

Sacral ChakraI am productive and creative in daily pursuits. I am aware and inspired.

Solar Plexus ChakraI am empowered by the acknowledgment of my unique and Divine Self.

Heart ChakraI perceive my world with Love and Compassion. I live in peace.

Throat ChakraI speak my Truth with confidence and clarity. I am recognized and understood.

Third Eye ChakraI recognize and trust in my intuition, as it guides me well.

Crown ChakraI am connected and receptive to the Divine frequencies of the Universe.

It is crucial to focus on positive intentions while experiencing the crystal bowls to benefit from the profound potential of these bowls. 

Each crystal bowl is ‘tuned’ to the frequency of our seven Chakras.
Chakras are ‘energy vortexes’ or ‘energy stations’ aligned though the body, which are associated with specific emotional and physical functions.

At times in our lives our Chakras may become blocked from emotional, physical or environmental stress, causing persistent disturbances throughout the body and mind.
When these seven Chakras are flowing freely without hindrance, the body and mind flourishes with strength and clarity.

Karen's unique style of sound healing is based on a Kundalini progression of sounding the bowls with small overlaps of Monaural Beats.

Monaural Beats are auditory tones which are perceived by the brain created by mixing two pure sine waves of slightly different frequencies.  But unlike their binaural counterparts, monaural beats are not created within the brain; the sine waves are combined before entering the ear.
This sound reaches the brain which has shown to provide health benefits such as control over pain, stress reduction, improved sleep quality, enhanced creativity, intuition and learning, remote viewing, telepathy, out-of-body experience and lucid dreaming.

Kundalini refers to the potential life force in the human organism. It is one of the components of the 'subtle body', which consists of the energy channels (auric field, the chakra system, and the meridians).
The Monaural Beats are added in between each succession to enhance the brain’s absorption of the healing frequencies and Chakra stimuli.

With precise timing and rhythmic flow, Karen’s Kundalini Chakra Bowl Meditation offers a pathway to clarity, healing and well-being. 

Individual sessions are optimum in the crystal bowl meditations because they are personally tailored to the client’s capacity and understanding. Karen’s acute ability to “tune in” serves as a custom framed conduit between the client and the Source of infinite potential. Karen's honed skills and acute sensitivity provides her with individual feedback, which allows her to pinpoint blocked chakras and disturbances. From this feedback, she is able to focus the sound and intentions accordingly to assist in facilitating better energy flow and understanding. 

Group sessions are available, however it is important to note that these sessions are very different than the individual sessions. Because the energy that sets off the bowls is crucial, group sessions are held with a gentle and generalized intent. The reason being is that Kundalini energy can be very intense, and at times overwhelming for some. This life force energy is very specific to individual capacity and understanding. Group sessions are held at the most basic level of Kundalini awareness, bringing the essential “spark of enlightenment” to the novice and relaxation to the more adept Kundalini practitioners.


For further understanding of these healing modalities, see  Research and Studies

 Cost of Individual (private) sessions: sliding scale, donation, or barter accepted for:

Crystal Bowls Session

Reiki Session

Reiki/Bowls Session

* travel costs if out of monmouth county

Money and payment for Divine services is a difficult concept to determine.

My philosophy of this is to create an awareness of sincerity and trust between teacher and student (which is an interchangeable role) that understands the value of appreciation and recognition of one's efforts (virtues that enhance our lives and advance us to higher states of being). 

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