Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

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Take a voyage into the infinite planes of your Higher Self, the hidden Sun that exists beyond mortal perception.


This unique therapy is designed to expand your consciousness toward greater understanding of yourself and your world.

"There are many roots to ill states of being. Expansion of consciousness resolves many deep rooted issues through clarity and understanding, releasing you from destructive conditioning and allowing you to experience life with greater ease, contentment and well-being."


Your session takes place in an artistic creation of sacred geometry and visual metaphors. The room is energetically charged with orgone, crystal vibrations, Source conduction (Reiki) and restorative essences of Frankincense and Myrrh. This immersion of sensory stimuli creates enlightening visions, sensations of flight and deep introspection, as your consciousness expands to broader views of perception.


Using divine guidance, light/color therapy, solfeggio tuning forks and ambient spacemusic, you will experience awareness to the higher Self that is hidden beneath the conditioned mind.

A visual manifestation of KA Chinery's book, "Perceptions From the Photon Frequency", this mystical place is designed to transcend conscious awareness from the current (and limited) illusion and into the infinite potential of the Self. 


"You have the ability to realize the infinite potential
that lies beyond the confines of conditioned thought
and with this realization, all things are possible."

For information on what to expect from a session,
click here.

Individual sessions available by appointment.

Please call or text (732) 239-9289
or email: 
Cost: $75.00 
Located at:
2807 Buchanan St.
Wall, NJ

Group meditations 
by advance purchase. 

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

per person (8 people limit per group)

Group reservations can be made here.

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"Karen has helped me understand a long legacy of dysfunctional family dynamics. Through understanding this I have released much resentment and anger, bringing me closer to my family than ever before. Thank you!"
-Sandra S.

"From these sessions, I have learned to understand myself better, which has resulted in a remarkable relief from my fibromyalgia. I can't say enough in how helpful this has been! Thank you!"
- Kate B. 

"I was amazed at how different the world looked after 2 sessions. There is beauty where I have never realized."
Cheryl R. 

"Karen has helped me learn how to heal my prostate cancer." 
Cory Z. 

"I am beginning to realize that there is much more to this world than what is seen on the surface. And it is awesome!!!"
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