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Q & A



Through many years of close observation and introspection in writing this book,

KA Chinery has remarkably embraced the obscure, yet persistent inspiration of the human condition.

Her ability to articulate such deep and subconscious realizations has aroused a heightened mindset of latent thoughts and Divine curiosity.

This Q & A is a compilation of the many questions and thought provoking concepts this book has evoked from readers.


Please feel free to contact KA Chinery with your questions and revelations that this book has brought to the forefront of your mind.

Q & A's

A student asked me "where does consciousness come from?" I have yet to answer him. I have thoughts about our physical existence, as in our sensorial experiences, but not sure that will suffice. 

As with all of my responses, keep in mind that Truth is subjective to one's plane of awareness, thus, with that said, it is important to translate all answers from me (and all source) within your own grasp of comprehension to where it makes sense to you.
So to address the question, consciousness is a Universal energy of everything that IS. Some call this energy God, some call it the Soul. It is the energy that connects us to everything. It has no origin, no beginning and no end.
Within the confines of the human brain,
we are limited in our understanding of such ineffable concepts, but as we ascend to broader scopes of understanding, we will eventually perceive such things without labels and cognitive reason—we will merge with this energy beyond a place of mortal comprehension and know that, with this Divine energy of everything, we are One. 
Life can be very frustrating when we try to understand things that are beyond our scope of comprehension. When you find yourself in this predicament, it is an indication that you must focus on more pertinent issues within your current scope of understanding. But take comfort in knowing that each increment of understanding you attain is a building block in your foundation of spiritual growth—the purpose of your existence.

What compelled you to write this book?

This book has been a work in progress for more than forty years. It began as a journal to help me understand the confusion of existence. Through years of questioning, (and answers from the Divine Source), I began sharing this information through public forums. After an unexpected and overwhelming response, I realized how much we all truly are connected in our search for understanding, yet separated by confusion, and so I decided to share it with the world, to help bridge the gaps of separation.



Is the content of this book the result of divine channeled messages?

In a sense we all channel the Divine through our artistic expressions, because the Divine essence is present in everything. So to address your question, yes, as much as the painter whose landscape brings you back in time, or the musician whose song rouses your emotions or the dancer who brings joy to your heart.


Why are there sacred texts from so many different religions throughout this book?

I feel it's important to acknowledge the sacred origins of this planet's collective whole to connect it's diverse levels of documented perceptions.


From a much broader point of view, the macrocosm of Truth is the "energetic motherboard" of existence, made up of a circuitry of multi-level, multi-dimensional perceptions, truths and beliefs. When perceived from broader viewpoint (beyond judgment and ego), we can see that all truths are essentially and fundamentally the same. The sacred texts that appear in the book in response to the challenges that the main character experiences, show the reader the similarities of the many religious doctrines.


As we ascend to higher levels of perception, we will come to know that all truths are rooted from sacred origin of our Being.


What is the reason for the unconventional grammar that appears in the italicized font?

The book is written in an unconventional format to exemplify that we ascend by stretching our perceptual boundaries of conditioned behavior.

The italicized font is the voice of the Soul and the bold print is the voice of the ego. The words spoken by the Soul are far beyond social standards and therefore do not follow grammatical rules. I use this style of writing as a reminder that as humans, the potential for superficial judgment is strong when we blindly conform to stagnant and outdated protocols.

Do you have a specific religion or are you an atheist?

I don’t dilute my existence with a label. I respect all paths and beliefs, as this is the fabric of the Universe. Such diversity exists within the collective whole for opportunities to grow, teaching us the Divine virtues of tolerance, acceptance and harmony.



As I began to grasp the deep spiritual nature of the dialogue between the ego and soul that takes place in this story, I became aware of my own subconscious dialogue, and I'm amazed to see how familiar it now seems. Is this dialogue something that is inherent in all people or only those who are awakened to the Truth?

First, I feel in that order to understand the “dialog”, one must understand what it is. And before I explain my perception of it, it is important to realize that Truth is subjective to one’s level of comprehension. In other words, Truth should be personalized to the rising awareness of the perceiver—the metaphorical "process of generation". Although words and labels serve the ego with direction and guidance, they are nevertheless dilutions of the infinite, ineffable and individual Truth.

We can try over and over to define God, the self, the ineffable, but with each moment of awareness it expands with experiential density. Thus the interpretations, perceptions and understandings of language (metaphorical and literal) also expand.


There is no right or wrong in perception, only one's ability to grasp and interpret the presented Truth.


That being said, the dialog that is heard within the psyche is the evolving awareness of the ego and the Soul. Although the Soul is an ineffable entity, the rising consciousness (ego) acknowledges the contrast of the “physical being” and “non-being” (or “higher being”). Within this illusion of this duality is the transcendence of wisdom from the human experience. This is the dialog.


As one becomes more aware of the higher self, the dialog becomes more discernible.


Are the characters in this book real?

Reality is an illusion. The answer lies within your own perception of “real”. It is important to not become distracted or attached to facts and figures, but more to resonate with the profound energy of concepts, as this is where wisdom manifests.


What is the significance of the name of your book's main character, Alcyone Vobis?

Alcyone is the central sun in the Pleiadian star system. Stargazing, particularly the Pleiades, is something that I have been drawn to since I was a very young child. The word "Vobis" is Latin, meaning the You that's bigger than you.

Do you feel you have gained total enlightenment?

 No. There is never total enlightenment. To assume that one has achieved such ineffability, is to remain attached to the ego. The ego exists within the confines of awareness; it is a tool to acquire enlightenment through the experience of it. To acknowledge the self is to remain attached within the ego. Enlightenment is wisdom through an eternal process of release from all attachments. It is the essence of all that is, was and ever will be, far beyond the limits of the self.



How long must we struggle with agonizing lessons of life?

Such focus on negativity will stall your spiritual growth by expending your energy on the cultivation of fear and vulnerability. Struggles are either "struggles" or "opportunities to gain wisdom". The more you react with negativity and doubt, the more you will depend on outside sources for protection. In the macrocosmic scheme of eternity, time is not of the essence. Do not adhere to that illusion, as it will only keep you anchored to the struggle with distractions and agitation, preventing you from gaining the Wisdom.


How do I love myself?

Loving one’s self is synonymous to knowing one’s self.


To “know” is to have total understanding and acceptance. To “love” is to have total understanding and acceptance. So you see, they are both one in the same.


The concept of love is ambiguous, often used with idealistic conditioning within the mortal perception.


Love is...awareness, understanding and acceptance without conditions or judgment.


Understand that your path (life) has been chosen by You, based on your ascended awareness and karmic path. There is no one or nothing “better than” You.


Your perceived flaws and inadequacies are really the catalysts of your eternal growth. Without such feelings of discontentment and doubt you would become dormant with no reason to search for higher grounds. Embrace your emotions and learn from your flaws as you cherish the path they are creating.


Understand the process and you will “know thyself”.


Your inability to perceive “self love” stems from a distorted perception perpetuated by idolatry and dependency on transient power sources (e.g. superficiality, materialism, artificial intelligence).


To truly know/love yourself, you must focus your awareness on the “Divine You” (the real You void of ego conditioning and distortions), far beyond the “illusive you”).


Go into the forest, find a quiet spot and meditate on the Divine You.


The sanctity of the forest offers an environment of purity and acceptance. This environment is conducive in shifting your awareness toward the Divine flow of unconditional love.


Understand that real love can only grow from one’s self. Although you might think you have unconditional love for others while not loving yourself, it is impossible. Without self love, relationships become conditional, resulting in hurt, unmet expectations and resentment.


Real love has no judgment, only pure acceptance, as it is an energy of Divine existence.


Recognize your Divinity, honor your current path of individuality and accept yourself as the complex God that you have always been.


If God were a separate entity and appeared in front of you, and gave you one single question to ask, what would it be?

My initial thought was, "what does it feel like to be God?", but after thinking about it I thought that just hearing an answer might only be words, a far cry from the profundity of the what it really is.


So my question would be, "what is the most profound question anyone could ask you?"
The awareness it would undoubtedly ignite would give me inspiration beyond anything I could ever in my mortal dreams imagine. Thus I believe that I would then know what it feels like to be God.


How do I see the divinity in myself and in the trees?....I have always loved their beauty and grace.

First, it must be understood, there is Divinity in EVERYTHING. Everything within your perception is of Divine origin.


So what you may really be asking is, "what can the trees teach me about myself?"


Precious Soul, the trees are a beautiful example of a symbiotic existence of diversity and acceptance.


Within the forest there is a wealth of teachings that will enlighten the mindful observer how to coexist peacefully and productively. Only without egotistic motives and self-serving agendas can this be possible. The trees show us that strength comes from the Light source as they consistently grow towards the Sun. They show us the value of being rooted into Mother Earth with the intention of sustenance as they honor Her by giving back to the environment. The trees show us that we can be strong and protective, withstanding the elements of change through consistency and perseverance. And when it is time to release our life force back into the cosmic frequency of growth and renewal, there will be seeds of our creation that will continue to sprout from our altruistic mission of perpetuating the Divine way of existence.


With all of the suffering, wars, disease and threats to this world, how does one find peace?

It is crucial to understand the agendas behind such chaos. On a human level it is of greed. On a spiritual level, such suffering and turmoil is karmically charged, presenting us with opportunities to master our skills of godliness, advancing us to higher levels of awareness.


Life is an illusion, based on our inner state of being. If your world is of turmoil and chaos, you must go within and become fully present with the elements of your psyche.


KNOW THYSELF....find your blind spots (the parts of you that lack love and compassion), and when they are exposed to the Light, they will become resolved with understanding.


To address your question, you can find peace when you replace your fear with logic.


Logic is developed from cause and effect, primarily in paying attention to the cycles and rhythms of life, the ups and downs, the goods and the bads.


*Do not allow yourself to become influenced by superficial distractions and idolatry.

*Know your weaknesses in your present, by what has been weak in your past. Learn from it.

*Disconnect from fear-based media and people (help them, but do not allow yourself to attune to their energy).

*Trust in the sacred flow of  the Divine Source (your most highest state of Being).



I know I need to love myself ....I know this ...yet I seem to find and keep attracting men that do not want to commit and love me ....I know this is all part of my growth ....but I seem to attract these men when I'm at peaceful and happy place in my life ....thats what I don't understand. I feel happy and strong then a relationship just shows up all my insecurities. How much of myself do I have to cleanse or love to find a loving and understanding person???

You are attracting men into your life when you are at peace because you are at your most whole and Soulful state. In this sacred state, you shine like the God you truly are. However, when you find yourself in a relationship, your fears creep in, which sabotages your peaceful state. You are no longer the peaceful happy person that you were in the beginning of the relationship; you are showing a fragmented part of you, which is the part of you that still needs resolution (objective reflection, introspection and shift of perception).


We all have blind spots and negative conditioning that cause perpetual issues in our lives that are so ingrained within our consciousness, it seems the norm and we resist changing because it seems to be our state of “home”.


When you find yourself on the hamster wheel, it is a blatant sign to look further within, deeper than that, which has molded you.


As human, we are ALL flawed. These flaws are part of our karmic path to the Godhead.


Much of our flaws have been handed down to us through generations of misguided behavior and archaic perceptions. YOU are now in a position to halt the legacy that has stagnated your spiritual growth. Your Divine awareness is illuminating a sacred opportunity to change the karma of your ancestral path.


Precious Soul, with your current struggles and awareness to them, you are rising into a Light of transcendence.


Do not fear this Light, although it may seem foreign to your comfortable state of being, when your perceptual eyes adapt to the brightness, you will have clarity and understanding needed to resolve the issues that has kept you in a darkened state of redundant struggles.


It is our human desires and impatience that puts us into situations that we should not yet attempt, because our inner work has not been completed. It is like building a house without a foundation, it will keep falling until the foundation is properly completed.


You have all the tools you need to build this foundation, however you must learn the protocol of its construction. Your focus should NOT be on the house while building the foundation; it should only be the foundation.


When the foundation is built properly, the construction of the house will be built accordingly, without the flaws of delusional expectations. Humans use impatience instead of diligence, grasping on to the end result rather than nurturing the process. This is the cause of the original sin, the flaw of humanity, the origin of greed, a human trait so ingrained within us, that we no longer recognize its destruction. This is the cause of the world’s problems.


So to sum it all up, when you find yourself repeating patterns of dysfunction, it is a clear sign that you still have blind spots. Take as much time as you need, disconnect from all technology, and sit with your most deepest and objective thoughts. If you are truly ready to accept the Truth and strong enough to shift your perceptions, you will see the flaws that are holding you back. If you cannot, or have much difficulty in understanding this, it simply means you have not completed the groundwork. But trust that you are working to dig your way out of this illusive cave, and although you feel deprived, it is only your human state that sees it this way. Trust that your Soul is doing the necessary groundwork at the pace it needs to.


To consciously know where you are in your growth, objective awareness is the key.


We are always in the moment of perfection.

I see you “unplug” from the internet quite frequently. Do you feel it is bad?
I recognize a very disturbing trend in mass media. My newsfeeds are flooded with videos (and many very ridiculous videos at that), violence and fear. we have to ask ourselves, what is the motive here? dumb us down? fill us with so much fear that we depend on the facades that promises us safety and salvation? distract us from our independence and personal growth?

I challenge everyone who uses the internet, TV and all media and SPOT THE MIND CONTROL.

It may be subtle to some or obvious to others, but regardless, we all must be aware. The internet can be a very useful tool when used properly, very similar to plant medicines, in that they can help when used for a specific reason, but when used recreationally, they are very damaging, stalling the users’ personal growth and development.

Why are there so many religious quotes in your book? Are you religious?
The sacred texts (religious quotes) that appear in this book have been carefully researched and handpicked to show the common thread of wisdom, relating to the specific life circumstance where they appear. The purpose of this is to show that the religions cited in this book are rooted from the same Divine Source. The kindred essence of these texts exemplify the notion that by virtue of the higher Self's perception, all religions, races and beliefs that enter our awareness can be linked to the same God (the ineffable energy that manifests existence). With understanding of this notion, the concept and justification of war, separation and hatred can no longer exist, and We as the collective state of Being can advance together peacefully and understandably to our next phase of existence. Individually, we have a Divine purpose of illuminating the way for each other with our diverse paths and experiential Wisdom.
That is the purpose of this book.
I am not religious, in the sense of a label, but I honor and respect all religions and beliefs, because it is precisely such diversity that makes up the awe and Divinity of God.

KA, you have enlightened me to so much understanding about my Self, most remarkably, the concept of the individual frequency of Truth. But sadly, I am feeling that it’s a very lonely place (the realization of the individual frequency). I try so hard to connect and relate to others, but I never seem to find that true connection. The void just seems to grow with more revelations of my personalized existence. Will I ever find a connection to alleviate this loneliness?

Your emotions come from the perspective of your ego and that’s okay. The emotion of loneliness is the impetus to seek wholeness.

This is a crucial step in your path to the understanding of your Divine Self. It is the human emotions that propel you to seek answers and clarity, which brings growth to your Soul.

Trust in the process of existence and trust in your presence. The Universe is precise in its movement, and you are perfect; understand this and you will be released from the tethers of confusion.

Trust the increments of wisdom (growth). You are here now, your awareness has brought you to this level of questioning, thus the precision of the Universe will continue to bring you to broader views.

“Trust in the process” are your wings of flight to the higher vantage point of clarity and understanding. And as you outgrow the individual ego you will recognize the collective Soul in everything and you will no longer feel loneliness, but rather feel the sacred connection to all that Is.


I recently came across a quote in your book, “Light can only be understood with the wisdom of darkness”. The quote has become quite popular, but I am not totally clear of its meaning. Can you clarify this quote?

This quote is from the chapter: “Displacement”.
The main character, Alcy, is struggling with the emotion, displacement, and is contemplating suicide. Deep in her introspective state, she prophesies her suicidal death, leading her to the question:

How long must I suffer with these incessant confusions and feelings of loneliness?

The Soul answers:

trust in the process. you have come to this place in your awareness to understand the essence of your Soul. do not acknowledge ego distortions. look closely at your struggles. a profound message is being presented to you that will transcend from your emotional response. there was once a time that you perceived yourself as the student. now you have become the teacher, yet truly you are both. reality has presented you with countless examples of this duality. light can only be understood within the Wisdom of darkness; happiness can only be understood within the Wisdom of sadness. pay attention to the dualities; they are everywhere…to know, you must become.

So to clarify the Soul’s answer, it means that within this reality, we gain wisdom through duality and contrasts.  To understand the mysteries of life, we must learn to see them through all lenses of perception. Everything has a root, and everything grows with experience; so to recognize and understand these components will provide clarity and reason, far beyond a limited view of human emotion. To attain the Divine state of knowing, we must experience all aspects of being.

This book is a literary anomaly. It touched my soul in a way that nothing ever has. Midway through reading this book, I realized so much about myself that I had never consciously thought about. I can honestly say that this book changed my whole life.

Is this book the work of divine inspiration?
Everything within your perception is Divine, presented to you when you are ready to contemplate the connection to your Self. To perceive everything within your world as Divine, will allow you to understand the profundity of your existence. My inspiration in writing this book is from my willingness to be open to all that Is, including the Oneness of everything, including you; thus, the essence of the connection you feel in reading this book.

Who am I, and why do I speak?

I have had many names, many labelsillusions that have identified my ego throughout many lifetimes. Existing within the confines of the human condition, names serve only to identify one’s current perception of recognition. Names are distractions from the profound Light that we truly are. We are all Divine essences of energy, crucial photon particles within the cosmic forces of the Universe, ascending to higher frequencies, illuminating more brightly as we are empowered with experiential wisdom and infinite Truths.


I present my Truth to the collective whole, to connect with those who are tuned in to the frequency of Divine perception and to ignite the Divine spark in those who are beginning to question the current paradigm.


My words serve to inspire action, so collectively, we can disconnect from the confines of ego and control and flourish with the infinite awareness of who and what we really are.



"So what of all these titles, names, and races?
They are mere worldly conventions."

Sutta Nipata


“The soul is characterized by knowledge and vision, is formless, an agent, has the same extent as its own body, is the enjoyer of the fruits of karmas, and exists in samsara. It is also enlightened and has a characteristic upward motion.”

Jainism. Dravya Sangraha 2 of Nemichandra


“The infinite is below, above, behind, before, to the right, to the left. I am all this. This Infinite is the Self. The Self is below, above, behind, before, to the right, to the left. I am all this. One who knows, meditates upon, and realizes the truth of the Self—such a one delights in the Self, rejoices in the Self. He becomes master of himself, master of all worlds. Slaves are they who know not this truth.”

Hinduism. Chandogya Upanishad 7:23–25

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