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Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


October 23, 2015

The 7 Perceptions of Enlightenment

Energy is perceived as form. Awareness begins.

You come into this world with a perception. Through the eyes of your Self, you begin your journey of life. Springing forth from the seeds of purity and innocence, your perception rises into your humanness, the ego (which you will come to know as the “tool of the Soul”). From the limited human mind, the ineffable energies of existence are personified with forms and understood through emotions.

Wisdom is sought.
Perceptions of your world are visual metaphors of your karmic path of existence. Karma is the action of the Soul’s eternal growth, encoded into your soul to facilitate an eternal process of wisdom. When an action is carried out, whether good or bad, wisdom is eventually attained from the complete spectrum of karmic awareness by understanding all angles of perception. As karmic absorption enriches the Soul with wisdom, the process you know as “ascension”, carries you with an incremental rise, enabling you to “know” by experiencing all aspects of being.


Reality is accepted without question.

The human ego understands truth through time lines, documentation, social acceptance and dogma. The ego exists in a three-dimensional world and thus can only accept what it sees within the limits of conditioned thoughts. This is a temporary perception utilized for elementary awareness that will inevitably outgrow the containment of influenced delusions.

Reality is questioned.

This is the state of awareness from where the broadening of perception begins. 

This intentional deviation from the previously conditioned state of blind acceptance is beginning of your expansion. You are now connecting to broader perceptions and truths that could only be understood from consequential experiences. Such truths are the threads in the infinite fabric of omniscience.

To understand this concept more fully, you must ask: “How can I recognize something to be true if I don’t already know it?”

The paradigm becomes questioned as you begin to notice social and moral injustices and dysfunction. You begin to question authority, your government, education, religion…all forms of containment. These are all metaphors for the aspects of human ego. These aspects of the ego that are rising up from your consciousness, must experience the karmic impact of cause and effect to empower the Soul with the wisdom of knowing all energies of existence.

Reality becomes skewed.

Initially you merge with the chaotic energies to understand the chaos and confusion within your reality, which is a reflection of your complex self. From chaos and confusion you seek resolution, and with your ascended skills you transcend. 

It is important to know that during this process reality becomes distorted. 

Conspiracy theories come into your awareness. Reality no longer seems logical. The vibrations of the “illusion” become unstable as you ascend toward higher frequencies of existence. 

Your world is a reflection of your deepest, most complex self; it contains energies that have yet to be experienced and understood, thus they are presented to you through the illusion of reality. The perceived collapse of the world governments is a personified example of your own spiritual growth. Collectively, the world is ascending (spiritually evolving out of the elementary ego state of awareness and into the macrocosmic expansion of infinite potential). The revolutions that are taking place in your world are metaphors of your own revolution from your ego. 

Reality becomes understood.

Divine energy within this three-dimensional reality is personified to enable the human mind to grasp the ineffability of divine existence. As such concepts become absorbed within your comprehension, they will be illuminated on higher levels of perceptual clarity, closer to the true essence of their profound meaning.

You are rising to an awareness that allows you to accept the possibilities that are beyond your previous understanding, opening up to the mysteries of life. Only within this elevated perception are you able to absorb the Wisdom of the infinite and ascend to the higher realms of existence.

Reality is an illusion of personifications and symbolic imagery. 

It is your ascended perception that allow you to gradually absorb the magnitude of your existence. Each level of recognition you grasp brings you to a greater capacity of comprehension, enabling you to recognize and understand the Divine Truth with less form and more clarity. 

Form is perceived as energy. Awareness begins.

The next phase of existence is set in motion. 

Some refer to this as the higher dimensions, beyond your three-dimensional state of existence. Only with an awareness beyond human thought can you get a microcosmic glimpse of this amazing state of Being. It is far beyond ego, far beyond comfort, far beyond good and bad, light or darkness. It is the energetic void of pure infinite potential that holds the eternal breath of creation of a whole new existence.


“You must be ready to accept the possibility that there is a limitless range of awareness for which we now have no words; that awareness can expand beyond range of your ego, your self, your familiar identity, beyond everything you have learned, beyond your notions of space and time, beyond the differences which usually separate people from each other and from the world around them.”
-The Tibetan Book of the Dead

"reality is a process, an ever-changing infinity of evolving energies fueled by ascending perceptions. everything is energy; emotion is energy; Love is energy. and perceived within the ascended viewpoint of your current level of awareness, the most seemingly powerful weapons in this world are really products of the most powerful energy of all, perception. perception is the most dynamically charged energetic tool possessed by all humans. the result of the interaction of human perception with the photon belt will rely on the use of your free will and emotional responses. these mortal tools, which are so often misconstrued, can be the barrier or the carrier of the photon belt’s effects."

-the Soul 


“The soul is characterized by knowledge and vision, is formless, an agent, has the same extent as its own body, is the enjoyer of the fruits of karmas, and exists in samsara. It is also enlightened and has a characteristic upward motion.”

Jainism. Dravya Sangraha 2 of Nemichandra

*We are One*

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