Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


Acknowledgment and gratitude....Perhaps its That Simple

Today, as I walked my dog, she picked up a stick and proudly displayed it as we walked the neighborhood. I watched her revel in this stick, as a gift she had endless gratitude for. As I celebrated the joy of this stick with her, I began to realize the message this beautiful dog was giving me...

What if it is simply the lack of acknowledgment and appreciation for the Universe's gifts that is causing the chaos in the world?

And then I began to connect the cosmic dots that were being presented...
The Universe provides for us through our perception and recognition of material things. As humans, we are born dependent on many things for our survival. Even those who are "self-reliant" depend on the weather, their physical abilities and their minds...all transient things which needs to be nurtured and preserved. As Souls, we are the collective whole, the macrocosmic entity that is observing and expanding from the flaws of our human experiences. The Soul is the ineffable being that guides the human with the Universal law of ascending moral principles, learned and applied throughout eternity. 

As humans, we depend on each other for our survival. This is reality's presentation of the dynamically generated collective whole, the ever-expanding power of the Universe. The Soul ascends and expands with the learned wisdom from the human experience through conscious and subconscious revelations of our actions.

The current state of our planet is a result of greed and indifference to the gifts offered to us by the Universe. 

What if acknowledgment and appreciation was all that was needed to resolve the problems?

The Universe has provided a means for our survival as humans, endowing us with an abundance of all that is needed.
So why is there suffering?

The mindset we have devolved to has thrown off the harmonic balance of the Universe. The corrosive effects of selfishness have presented the deleterious consequences of this lack of Unity.

So how do we nurture and preserve the Universe and the world we live in?

Acknowledgment and appreciation is the dynamic breeding ground of preservation and abundance. This lesson can easily be validated by closely observing your own actions.

Take three people in your circle of importance. Show them sincere acknowledgment and appreciation and watch the dynamics of the circle flourish with positive actions and reactions.

Instead of seeing what's wrong with your World, see what's right with it...revel in it...and watch it flourish.

...and as I watched my dog revel in her stick, I saw that stick transform into a treasured gift provided to her by the Universe.

Acknowledgment and gratitude....perhaps its that simple.

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"The harmonious splendor of this idyllic paradise is achieved with an undying wealth of gratitude.
Gratitude for the sun.
Gratitude for the water.
Gratitude for the soil.
But most importantly, gratitude for each other.
This is the sacred ground for the worship of life and sustenance—a symbolic reflection of harmony and coexistence and the virtuous success of the collective whole.

Giving accolades to the magnitude of creation, Alcy absorbs the blessings of this ineffable realization.
I am home.

this is the fruit of your labor, the cultivation of your life’s lessons. you could only know the virtues of this Utopian existence by experiencing the contrast of a controlled and greedy world."

"By absorbing the discourse of the Inexpressible I remain free from the taint of
Sikhism. Adi Granth, Ramkali Siddha Goshti