Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


January 25, 2016

I see life as “moments of metaphors”—self-projected circumstances that are designed to expand my awareness with consequential wisdom. 
Simply put, everything that happens in life is designed to cultivate the virtues within. These virtues are the energy that formulates the higher Self (some know this as God, the Universe—many different names and concepts that try to explain the unexplainable).


The “great East Coast blizzard of 2016” as it was called, happened on January 23rd. 
The storm did a lot of flood damage in the coastal towns; but fortunately my home did not suffer any significant damage. So for two days I shoveled, trying to understand the reason for these storms.


Initially, when I looked out the window, I thought to myself, “there’s no way I can do this.” But then that wonderful Voice chimed in and said, “yes you can.”
So I began, not concerned with the end result, but with each shovel of snow that I was able to pick up.

As I shoveled, I thought about all the times throughout my life that I crumbled under pressure, and gave up because things seemed too hard or too unattainable. But with each shovel of snow that I hurled away, I gained better clarity. With this focus, I surprisingly found the shoveling to be meditative and began to see the metaphor of the storm.

By the second day when the sun came out, I understood the purpose of the storm (for me at least): 
Life brings exactly what I need to help me recognize my weaknesses and understand the consequences of my actions. These lessons will persist, showing themselves in many forms until they are realized, resolved and implemented into my being.

From the awareness of my weaknesses, I realized that beyond the façade of futility there is strength and perseverance just waiting to be accessed, a wisdom that will carry me to higher grounds throughout my journey. 

But the real payoff came when I realized that this awareness evoked an enormous sense of gratitude. Instead of seeing the two and a half feet of snow as an inconvenient burden, I was incredibly thankful for the opportunity that illumnated my strength, clarity (to recognize the lesson) and for the circumstance itself. 

These past two days of shoveling snow showed me the value of strength and perseverance—virtues that brought me to this perceptual clarity. But only by looking past the barrier of futile thinking could this lesson be recognized.

Perhaps this was just a snowstorm to some, but to me it was inspiration to know that I’ll be able to tackle the next "storm" that comes into my life.

I share this story to help you realize that when life seems too much to bear, there is infinite potential just beyond the façade of futility. 
It is not the circumstance that matters, but your reactions to it. 
Patience and perseverance are the stepping-stones to your infinite potential—a state of being that’s capable of anything within your belief.

"To try to achieve anything is like digging a well.  You can dig a hole nine fathoms deep, but if you fail to reach the source of water, it is just an abandoned well."


"reality is a process, an ever-changing infinity of evolving energies fueled by ascending perceptions. everything is energy; emotion is energy; Love is energy. and perceived within the ascended viewpoint of your current level of awareness, the most seemingly powerful weapons in this world are really products of the most powerful energy of all, perception. perception is the most dynamically charged energetic tool possessed by all humans. the result of the interaction of human perception with the photon belt will rely on the use of your free will and emotional responses. these mortal tools, which are so often misconstrued, can be the barrier or the carrier of the photon belt’s effects."

-the Soul 


“The soul is characterized by knowledge and vision, is formless, an agent, has the same extent as its own body, is the enjoyer of the fruits of karmas, and exists in samsara. It is also enlightened and has a characteristic upward motion.”

Jainism. Dravya Sangraha 2 of Nemichandra

*We are One*

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