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March 12, 2020


If you do not subscribe to the notion that reality is perceptual, then chances are what you are about to read will not make sense and perhaps it's not the time to contemplate such notions; but if there IS a ping of recognition, then it might help you gain an expanded view of understanding; and that will give you peace within.


The virus is spreading at relatively astronomical speed.

Everything is being affected by this, but what are we supposed to do now?

Simply put...we are are to react with mindful response. Never react on emotion. Emotions are irrational guides that will lead you with fear, delusion and panic. Emotions arise from an influx of information that must be carefully and logically contemplated with the greater good at the forefront of our minds. Emotions can be very useful in helping us understand, but not through impulse, through objective reasoning.


This is the time of awakening...from the individual self to the collective Self.

Our individual response to the collective crisis is showing us our strengths and weaknesses. As we react and find peace and productivity, we can know our strengths. As we react and feel more fear, hatred, blame...etc., we can know our weaknesses; this is the pathway to knowing thyself—the necessary energy that is needed for expansion into the next phase of existence.

We have the choice to react whichever way we choose—this is our free will. Know your influences and reflect on what you see and hear, contemplating with deep honesty how these things effect your thoughts toward humanity. You will begin to know your influences and how they affect your being (and every being has a ripple effect).


It is crucial to our growth and well being to know the pathology of our actions.

To point fingers in the time of crisis and share thoughts of hate only adds to the chaos, expends precious energy (that otherwise should be used for productive purposes) and stalls our ability to understand; ultimately keeping us on a loop of madness, which prevents us from dealing with the problems effectively and moving forward in our individual and collective growth.

The fight or flight response only creates more panic within as we evade the real issue that is being presented. There is a personal message in everything we experience, (individually and collectively).

From the bigger picture point of view, each challenge we experience is rooted from cause and effect, offering an opportunity to grow and understand from our flaws and blind spots in order gain wisdom, (the energetic fuel of evolution). While in the thick of emotions it may be hard to see it that way, but know, that if not now, eventually you will come to understand the profound reasons for everything that happens. You can look for the roots and reasons while experiencing the chaos—a response that comes with deep contemplation and practice or you can react with fear. The choice is always yours.


Growth is not always pleasant. Wisdom does not always come without pain. 

Think of a baby that does not know that the wood stove is hot. Heat is an unknown concept until she touches it. Depending on the presentation, she can be horribly injured and traumatized or learn gradually with mindful guidance. Without guidance, there is a higher risk that she'll learn but with injury and trauma, but with loving and deep contemplative guidance she will learn without trauma and gain wisdom.

It is our purpose as humans to guide each other with love and deep contemplation.


So one may ask now, "What is the reason or the message in this virus?"
Contemplate the meaning of the word Corona—"a glow around a conductor at a high potential."  There is a message in this.

Perhaps the collective response to this crisis should be closely examined. Observing behaviors in the past few weeks there are two responses: People are responding with panic—hoarding, blaming, price gouging and capitalizing on the fear and confusion. And others are being mindful about spreading the illness and helping people in need. There is a ripple effect in both of these responses. Logic clearly shows that the latter response is more productive in every possible fallout from the virus.

For those who respond with the emotional trappings of panic and greed, the question needs to be asked, "how will this behavior benefit the collective whole over time?"  

If your pathway of cause and effect has taken a detour into greed and irresponsibility it must be looked at. If your priorities have shifted away from personal accountability and into personal gain, it must be acknowledged. How much "stuff" do we really need? How much are we taxing the environment for convenience and pleasure? Could the fallout of our collective actions be the cause of such tragedies as we're experiencing now? You know the answer.

If we wait for someone else to initiate change, we just keep running on a hamster wheel of chaos and fear.

The answers are always within—an ever-expanding enlightenment of truth and understanding. It is up to us individually to change our perception of Being that will ultimately change of our world.


Know thySelf and you will know the Universe and God.


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