Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


Since May of 2014...

I have chosen to disconnect from all 

outside sources of information and tuned in 

to Mother Earth and the cosmos. 

From the Sun, and filtered by the trees,

I have gotten amazing revelations and direction, 

undistorted and pure in perception. 

I urge everyone to do this, 

as this is where your Truth will be found. 

I share these revelations only 

as inspiration to seek your own Truth, 

because Truth is as unique as your DNA.

December 8, 2014 3:05 AM much information...True? Untrue? Essential? Nonessential?

I ask myself, “Who would I be without knowledge, media and societal influence?”

Perhaps I would be guided by an innate, Divine wisdom, void of distractions, much like the animals and plants, growing strong and purposeful toward a Light that is beyond definition.

Perhaps I would simply Be...true to myself, pure as the day I was born...

Pg. 293 (Alcy speaks):

‘In our most formative years, we are forced into learning establishments that encourage competition against our own. As small children, we are influenced with the shining glory of war, through education, media, and recreation. We are indoctrinated with the expectation to succeed at all costs, where money and power is the badge of success. We are threatened with guilt and fear to obey an unseen deity, whose ‘organizations’ have accumulated limitless wealth and power…”

I hate what society has evolved into.

(the Soul responds)

‘this is the awakening to what is known as the paradigm shift. as you ascend toward this heightened awareness, it becomes evident that the current paradigm can no longer serve the advancement of your ascension. you are now experiencing the cause and effect of human transgression, far beyond the mere recognition of the concept.

as you ascend, you are realizing the flaws of an existence based on lower vibrations of experiential intelligence. such flaws are enlightening you through the systematic collapse of greed and superficiality, and drawing you upwards, away from the exhausted paradigm and into the new dimension of your cumulative wisdom. you are ascending from a three-dimensional existence through human experience and into a higher vibrational dimension of cosmic intelligence. you are coming into an awareness that you are outgrowing your current reality.


it is the contrast of losing yourself to the outside sources that will cause you to pull back to your Divine core with the experiential wisdom of your own omniscience. safety, health, happiness…these are all readily accessible. but they will not be found from an outside source that blatantly deceives you with lies and trickery. this is the façade created specifically for the purpose of showing you to trust in yourself.


understand that fear is what holds you back from seeing the Truth.

fear is the absence of faith in your Self.

fear prevents you from confronting and ultimately resolving the issues that can stall your ascension. fear is a great façade, filled with lies and distortions.

an ego-driven mind focuses on distraction, prioritizing money, entertainment, and physical pleasures over the higher consciousness. in such distractions, the Higher Consciousness becomes diluted to a trend, acknowledged only when it’s convenient to do so or when it is desperately needed.

the indoctrinated distractions that are implemented into society use brainwashing techniques under the guise of education and media; they secure control with idolatry and disinformation. your privilege of free will, your chosen perception, will either be a barrier or a carrier of your ascension, based on your ascended ability to discern the circumstances.

your ascended wisdom will create the vehicle to carry you through the chaotic battlefields of fear and control, enlightening you to the Divine power you hold within.


see yourself objectively, allow yourself to feel the emotions that you try so hard to avoid. crown this process with compassion and acceptance as you nurture yourself back to an ascended state of Divinity. allow your experiences to transform the demons into the angels of wisdom, to release you from the chains of victimization and resentment. embrace your emotions. feel them, but do not become them. you can only transcend your emotions by experiencing them, understanding them, and then releasing them.


 know that it is within the Divine plan to have made those mistakes in order for you to rise, with such experiential wisdom to where your Soul can soar.

be kind to yourself as you admit your wrongful doings. the human vehicle is a difficult one, and yet you still prevail. give yourself credit for overcoming your struggles when you face them.


revel in yourself as you transcend the ego’s protective delusions. listen to the silence and be true to yourself.

know your Soul.


August 20, 2014

Recently there has been a surge of intense solar flares[1] affecting the planet.  Long periods of time in the woods have brought me to the understanding of what these solar flares really are...


Scientifically, solar flares are caused by magnetic flow conduction, an evolving process within the expansion of the universe.


Spiritually, solar flares are energetic particles that are bringing information to receptive beings through advanced states of awareness. 

There is great potential in this cosmic influx of energies, however, it is crucial that the solar flare activity is received without man-made interference or else it will become distorted and chaotic. The distorted effects can impact sensitive humans with heart palpitations, insomnia, emotional irritability, mental fogginess and digestive disturbances (the most common reported human reactions).


Proper receptivity of the solar flares will bring personalized information and esoteric wisdom. 


Once you can recognize solar flare activities (through sensory perception), it is most conducive to retreat into the woods, into an environment that is quiet and receptive.

Meditation is extremely powerful and beneficial at this time, as it connects you to the super charged particles of “cosmic dynamism”—the infinite transcendence of Universal (and personal) growth and creation.


The solar flares function similar to a magnifying glass, creating intensified energies. If utilized properly, solar flares have the potential to bring great clarity and heightened perception to the receiver. However, utilized improperly or unrecognized, can result in over intensity, hyper-stimulation and chaos.

(I personally, have found the woods to be highly preferable over the beach as the intensity can be overwhelming without the filtration and receptivity of the trees [trees are terrestrial antennae to cosmic intelligence]).

Observe the ways of nature to discover the nature of thyself.

In close observance of the behavior of deer during solar flare activity, it is profoundly evident that their behavior adapts to the intensified energies. 

They become still, yet noticeably more alert as they lay under the trees avoiding direct sun and food. 

From observing the uninfluenced, yet completely tuned-in demeanor of the deer, I have learned to heighten my own awareness to the absorption of the solar flares within the receptivity of the forest.


During intense solar flares, Mother Earth becomes protective with “maternal energies”. These energies are bringing up the feminine spirit within all living beings. Unrecognized, these unutilized energies can quickly transform into chaotic responses of emotional and physical disturbances, arousing the defensive “yang” energy into perpetuating an imbalance of personal and global subsistence.


To balance the flow of cosmic and terrestrial energy, we must nurture the Earth, ourselves and others to release the Yin energy (Divine feminine) that is being drawn upon by the magnetic interaction of the flares. This is the balancing force that is inevitable when the Universal and terrestrial (yin and yang) becomes out of balance. There is infinite wisdom in the Universal flow, available to everyone who is willing to recognize and receive it.

Listen to the silence, tune in to the Divine energies that are flowing through you and trust in the flawless design of the Universe.


“The increase of scientific knowledge lies not only in the occasional milestones of science, but in the efforts of the very large body of men who with love and devotion observe and study nature.”

-Polykarp Kusch




[1] Solar flares are massive energy releases of electrons, ions, and atoms through the sun’s corona (the outer atmosphere consisting of gaseous plasma) into space. These power surges have the ability to disrupt radio transmissions, cause damage to satellites and electrical transmission lines and carry the potential of massive and long-lasting power outages.

“The Self, indeed, is below. It is above. It is behind. 

It is before. It is to the south. It is to the north. 

The Self, indeed, is all this.
Verily, he who sees this, reflects on this, and understands this 

delights in the Self, sports with the Self, 

rejoices in the Self, revels in the Self. 

Even while living in the body he becomes a self-ruler. 

He wields unlimited freedom in all the worlds.
Chandogya Upanishad 7:25.2

“The Self, indeed, is below. It is above. It is behind. 

It is before. It is to the south. It is to the north. 

The Self, indeed, is all this.
Verily, he who sees this, reflects on this, and understands this 

delights in the Self, sports with the Self, 

rejoices in the Self, revels in the Self. 

Even while living in the body he becomes a self-ruler. 

He wields unlimited freedom in all the worlds.
Chandogya Upanishad 7:25.2

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