Duality: The Tools of Creation

The human being is perceptually flawed, with the ego as the facilitator in the never-ending process of becoming omniscient. The perceived duality is designed to enlighten through contrast. The Soul must experience all things to continue its eternal growth of energetic expansion. The Soul therefore creates the concept and the ego carries it out to facilitate the creation of infinite wisdom, which will transcend into the sacred energy that fuels the Universe. 

Unlike the eternal existence of the Soul, the ego is the polar opposite in that it is fleeting, in a transient state that compels it to cultivate a manipulative plan of survival in order to exist. Thus, life becomes a battle between Soul and ego—the same battle that exists between good and evil, light and darkness, and God and Satan. This perceived reality is the Divine matrix of infinite experiences that is carried out in many different forms to facilitate wisdom. 

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"The dualities I perceive within my reality are all ascended analogies of the same thing, ego and Soul.

know that Truth is dynamic. you will recognize more advanced presentations of such Divine revelations as you ascend to higher states of awareness.

your reality has been a series of perceptual presentations of Divine duality. it is through the personification of ascended layers of experience and comprehension that you will come to know your Soul. through each lifetime, these presentations have taken many different forms to help you fully grasp the ineffability of your Divine purpose, the mastery of your Soul. although the dualities are unified within your perception, it is the recognized contrasts that enlightens you to wisdom of your existence. to know life, you must know death, to know good you must know bad, to know appreciation, you must know loss, and etc.
to perceive with complete understanding, you must know it through duality."