Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


March 17, 2018

God-power and the Purpose of Self-Discipline

For those who believe you can manifest your reality and create with your thoughts, you are 100% correct.
For those who do not are also 100% correct.


Are you ready to use your god-power?


The roots of “The Secret” and “Law of Attraction” can be found in ancient philosophical and religious traditions. For centuries, the alchemical power of thought and belief has been documented in the most highly regarded sacred and scholarly texts known to humankind.


How could a power of such limitless potential be available to everyone?

Imagine what would happen if everyone could readily use this power. Perhaps the earth would become over-filled with mansions and amusement parks? Or nightclubs and shopping malls. Or perhaps even countries would be wiped out because of social conditioning and biased perceptions—clearly a dangerous power in the hands of egomaniacs and self-indulgers. 
On a relatively small scale, the world shows us the detrimental effects of utilizing power without the proper contemplative protocol and experiential wisdom.
At this point in our collective evolution, it is not logical for god-power to be readily available to the masses.

As humans and souls, we are emanations of our creator, be it a god or our higher Self.
We are born with an innate moral code, specific to our experiential wisdom. Depending on a number of factors, we are either the carriers or the barriers of this incredible power.


So what exactly IS god-power?
It is known as our infinite potential, giving us the intelligence to create. It is the governing law of the Universe, which uses the power of wisdom and generation.

The process of developing your god-power involves total self-realization and self-discipline.

To attain such power, one must be ready.
A strict protocol must be followed in order to attain and maintain this unlimited power.


To utilize this power you must first develop a clear and unbiased realization of your mind, body and spirit.

To begin the process ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I aware that there are hidden flaws that exist deep in my subconscious?
  • How much of my behavior is controlled by ego agendas?
  • Can I recognize the aspects of my Self that need to be cultivated?

To gain control over a power of such magnitude and potential, consider this:
How could I be responsible to use this power if I cannot even control my thoughts, actions and words?

(If you find yourself asking this question while in judgment of others, you have even more work to do that you think.)

Dig deeper into your psyche and observe your daily habits.

  • Do you control your eating?
  • Do you control your emotions?
  • Do you use outside sources like drugs or alcohol to help you cope or enjoy life?
  • Do you find yourself criticizing or ridiculing others to make yourself look or feel better?
  • Can you answer these questions without denial?


Mastering all aspects of your Self is crucial in developing the readiness to use your god-power.
When you realize that YOU already have the things you seek outside of you, you will then begin to understand the magnitude of this power and the responsibility that is needed in using it.


Self-reflection can be difficult at first.
No one wants to admit that they are wrong or flawed in their actions or beliefs—but this is only a chosen perception.
You can easily shift your perception to see such transgressions as jewels in your treasure box of wisdom, teaching you through trial and error.


To realize your blind spots and unresolved issues that keep you hindered in negativity and powerlessness, look at the state of your world.
While observing your world (and any aspects within), you may find yourself in judgment; this is an indication that you have unresolved issues that are reflecting back through your perception.
If you find yourself in judgment, it simply means that you have work to do.
A resolved mind and spirit will only see with compassion and understanding­­­—an expanded perception that is developed from experiential wisdom.

Once you honestly and thoroughly devote yourself to refining your worldly self, you will begin to see amazing results.


When you are responsible in mind, body and spirit you will see the differences in your life and your world.

  • You will have a sound mind to conduct yourself with optimum judgment.
  • You will focus on what DOES work rather than what doesn’t.
  • You will not take part in conflicts—maintaining the practice of utilizing your wisdom instead of your ego.
  • You will see more peace in your world.
  • You will no longer have resentments or rivalry in your life, awakening you to the realization that YOU are part of the whole of all creation.
  • You will see unity in your world rather than separation.
  • You will have a better-equipped body that will be more productive and self-reliant.
  • You will see life’s challenges as opportunities for wisdom.
  • You will be inspired to create responsibly with a fine-tuned mind and body, keeping the collective whole in consideration to ensure that your creation does not infringe on the lives of others.
  • You will see the beauty in your world.

You are the master of YOU, existing within an energetic hologram of reflective wisdom.
To attain the divine power that you are born to master, you must recognize your reflection, and then look within to KNOW the intricate mechanisms of your existence and BELIEVE!
When you are ready, the power is YOURS.

August 20, 2014

Recently there has been a surge of intense solar flares[1] affecting the planet.  Long periods of time in the woods have brought me to the understanding of what these solar flares really are...


Scientifically, solar flares are caused by magnetic flow conduction, an evolving process within the expansion of the universe.


Spiritually, solar flares are energetic particles that are bringing information to receptive beings through advanced states of awareness. 

There is great potential in this cosmic influx of energies, however, it is crucial that the solar flare activity is received without man-made interference or else it will become distorted and chaotic. The distorted effects can impact sensitive humans with heart palpitations, insomnia, emotional irritability, mental fogginess and digestive disturbances (the most common reported human reactions).


Proper receptivity of the solar flares will bring personalized information and esoteric wisdom. 


Once you can recognize solar flare activities (through sensory perception), it is most conducive to retreat into the woods, into an environment that is quiet and receptive.

Meditation is extremely powerful and beneficial at this time, as it connects you to the super charged particles of “cosmic dynamism”—the infinite transcendence of Universal (and personal) growth and creation.


The solar flares function similar to a magnifying glass, creating intensified energies. If utilized properly, solar flares have the potential to bring great clarity and heightened perception to the receiver. However, utilized improperly or unrecognized, can result in over intensity, hyper-stimulation and chaos.

(I personally, have found the woods to be highly preferable over the beach as the intensity can be overwhelming without the filtration and receptivity of the trees [trees are terrestrial antennae to cosmic intelligence]).

Observe the ways of nature to discover the nature of thyself.

In close observance of the behavior of deer during solar flare activity, it is profoundly evident that their behavior adapts to the intensified energies. 

They become still, yet noticeably more alert as they lay under the trees avoiding direct sun and food. 

From observing the uninfluenced, yet completely tuned-in demeanor of the deer, I have learned to heighten my own awareness to the absorption of the solar flares within the receptivity of the forest.


During intense solar flares, Mother Earth becomes protective with “maternal energies”. These energies are bringing up the feminine spirit within all living beings. Unrecognized, these unutilized energies can quickly transform into chaotic responses of emotional and physical disturbances, arousing the defensive “yang” energy into perpetuating an imbalance of personal and global subsistence.


To balance the flow of cosmic and terrestrial energy, we must nurture the Earth, ourselves and others to release the Yin energy (Divine feminine) that is being drawn upon by the magnetic interaction of the flares. This is the balancing force that is inevitable when the Universal and terrestrial (yin and yang) becomes out of balance. There is infinite wisdom in the Universal flow, available to everyone who is willing to recognize and receive it.

Listen to the silence, tune in to the Divine energies that are flowing through you and trust in the flawless design of the Universe.


“The increase of scientific knowledge lies not only in the occasional milestones of science, but in the efforts of the very large body of men who with love and devotion observe and study nature.”

-Polykarp Kusch




[1] Solar flares are massive energy releases of electrons, ions, and atoms through the sun’s corona (the outer atmosphere consisting of gaseous plasma) into space. These power surges have the ability to disrupt radio transmissions, cause damage to satellites and electrical transmission lines and carry the potential of massive and long-lasting power outages.

“The Self, indeed, is below. It is above. It is behind. 

It is before. It is to the south. It is to the north. 

The Self, indeed, is all this.
Verily, he who sees this, reflects on this, and understands this 

delights in the Self, sports with the Self, 

rejoices in the Self, revels in the Self. 

Even while living in the body he becomes a self-ruler. 

He wields unlimited freedom in all the worlds.”
Chandogya Upanishad 7:25.2

“The Self, indeed, is below. It is above. It is behind. 

It is before. It is to the south. It is to the north. 

The Self, indeed, is all this.
Verily, he who sees this, reflects on this, and understands this 

delights in the Self, sports with the Self, 

rejoices in the Self, revels in the Self. 

Even while living in the body he becomes a self-ruler. 

He wields unlimited freedom in all the worlds.”
Chandogya Upanishad 7:25.2

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   "The pure impulse of 

     dynamic creation is 

     formless; and being 

     formless, the creation

     it gives rise to can

     assume any and every

    - Kabbalah

    A person’s highest
    spiritual potential is to
    reach the level of 
    maaseh merkavah ("the 

    act of rule").
    He is able to correct
    himself to such an

    extent that Divine
    Providence over the

    world  can be executed

    through that person.

   -Talmud, Suka

    “All that we are is the

      result of what we

      have thought.”

     -The Dhammapada



     “I tell you, whatever

       you ask for in prayer,

       believe that you have

       received it, and it will

       be yours.”

      -Bible, Mark 11:24



      “You are what your

        deep, driving desire

        is. As your desire is,

        so is your will. As

        your will is, so is

        your deed. As your

        deed is, so is your

       - Upanishads