Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


Since May of 2014...

I have chosen to disconnect from all 

outside sources of information and tuned in
to Mother Earth and the cosmos.

From the Sun, and filtered by the trees,

I have gotten amazing revelations and direction,

undistorted and pure in perception.

I urge everyone to do this, 

as this is where your Truth will be found.
I share these revelations only 

as inspiration to seek your own Truth,
because Truth is as unique as your DNA.

The Magnitude of Existence

June 25th 10:45 PM

This current reality, as we perceive it, is based on rhythms and cycles. This is what facilitates our ascension. This evolving microcosm, within the ever-expanding macrocosm, is constantly reminding us of our Divine significance within these cycles and rhythms.


Our hearts beat to a rhythm. Since the beginning of life, we have shared delight in the beat of a drum. The rhythmic pulse and cyclic actions are something to ponder as we are instinctively drawn to these clues of our Soul’s journey. These rhythms, as we experience them, are shifting us into a higher pulse of cyclic activity, enlightening us through a waxing and waning process of action and introspection.


The seasons teach us the evolution of life, as the phases of the moon teach us the cycles of our humanness. As the living Earth is affected by the planetary cycles, humans are equally affected in similar ways. Lifetimes are the ‘seasons’ of our Soul. Our biorhythms ‘wax and wane’ with the revolutions of the heavenly bodies, giving us a time for action and a time for reflection.


Our waxing phase is a time of dynamic interaction. It is the time to create experiences that will ultimately create wisdom.


Our waning phase is the 'low' time that we all experience in our physical, emotional and/or intellectual state of being. Although this cycle can feel disconcerting, this is a necessary interlude, a time to introspect—to look within, reflect and objectively ascertain our actions.


This precise cycle of action and introspection create the vibrational energies that fuel our ascension, giving us the ability to rise above the illusion of reality, above the confines of the ego, enabling us to see the analogies—the microcosmic clues of the macrocosmic Truth.


As we observe the Divine metamorphosis of the ever-changing Universe, we can understand the evolutionary unfolding of ourselves. This understanding enables us to travel our path with greater ease, appreciation, and insight into the magnitude of our existence.