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July 25, 2020


There’s an understandable and justified need for awareness, but the incessant shares of hatred and acts of violence only perpetuates the trends of hatred and violence, destroying any chance of positive change.

Everywhere we look, we see the infiltration of hatred and violence. The news rams it down our throats and then we share it, and even worse, we act on it with the selfish goals of profit and viral notoriety.

Our children are raised with self-righteous bias and judgment, violent video games desensitizing their perceptions of right and wrong, a lack of accountability and responsibility and then we medicate these children when they react to this incessant chipping away of their sanity, rendering them altered beings, who inevitably deviate from their profound infinite potential.
Television and movies continually glorify hatred and violence and then they get awards for it.
Do you still NOT see the infiltration?

We must collectively open our eyes to the trends that have crept into our psyche of what we deem acceptable and productive.
We have been infiltrated by an agenda that profits on tragedy, hatred and violence and WE HAVE BECOME THE TOOLS OF THEIR TRADE.
Yes, we are their puppets and they pull our strings with lies, trickery and fear tactics.

Who are the puppeteers?
They are the ones who now control the trends of society...the media moguls and mongers, big pharm... basically those who we pay to control us through everything we have become addicted to. They are the puppeteers and the profiteers who have devolved without virtues, who value money more than the mental and physical health and well-being of the collective being.
Over many years, we have been slowly groomed and seduced by those we put in power by feeding their veracious appetites. We have mutated our values for them as they set their deluded standards of society (that physical appearances define our value and money defines our worth).
Such sad little puppets we have become as we continue destroying ourselves to feed those who are devouring us.

Yes, we are enslaved by a system that we continue to serve with our superficial values, over consumption and lack of accountability. Those who have enslaved us set these absurd values in place and we willingly and blindly comply through our violent and materialistic behavior.
They pull our strings with divisive agendas, and then we hurt each other and they profit from the chaos.
They pull our strings with material bait and then we spend way more then we make and they profit from our debt.
They pull our strings with their unrealistic standards of beauty and then we mutilate our bodies, and they profit from our physical and emotional suffering...and we do all of to feel worthy of the profiteers that prey on our sanity and well-being.
Yes, we have been duped.

But what if...we only shared stories of peace and love.
What if we cut the strings from the puppeteers and took responsibility for ourselves and our humanity? What would happen to society if WE only sensationalized peace and love, overriding the media and their self-serving agenda? What trend would evolve from that?
We can only rise above the current madness with the only real power that exists—Love. Not just the word or the frilly concept, but the APPLICATION OF IT into our lives.

Imagine the change that would come if we replaced hatred with love, ignorance with education, and judgment with compassion and understanding.
To those who are already doing this, Thank you! To those who continue to feel justified in acting with hate and violence, consider the words of Dr. Martin Luther King: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Dr. King’s precious life was ended because his words were ignored and the hatred and violence continued.

There’s nothing cool about violence or destruction.
And there’s nothing cool about disrespect in any form. Yet why does such malevolence come so easy on social media platforms? Mindless and profit motivated acts of desperation perhaps? The truth is these incessant shares of violence, disrespect and hatred are nothing more than a viral show of cowardice disguised as human interest—an awareness that needs to be acknowledged the next time we see it or post it ourselves.

What if we could learn from the failures of current events and change the world once and for all? Such heroes we'd all be!
It takes much strength to overcome the trends of society. 
Are we strong enough? Are YOU strong enough?
It may seem overwhelming and even unattainable to make these monumental changes, but INDIVIDUALLY IT CAN BE DONE.

Now is the time to take responsibility for your actions, to think about consequences, to detach from the profiteers and to regain your INDIVIDUAL and DIVINE state of being by not buying in to their lies and manipulation. You are beautiful when you're kind to people. You don't need all the superfluous stuff you think you do, it actually takes away the virtues of life.
Let's only share love and peace and see what happens.
Let’s make peace and love the cool new trend.

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