Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


Since May of 2014...

I have chosen to disconnect from all outside sources of information and tuned in to Mother Earth and the cosmos.
From the Sun, and filtered by the trees,
I have gotten amazing revelations and direction, undistorted and pure in perception.

I urge everyone to do this, as this is where your Truth will be found.

I share these revelations only as inspiration to seek your own Truth,
because Truth is as unique as your DNA.

August 22, 2015 5:33 PM


Within the illusion...

The impending apocalypse is a projection from your discontentment with life, when the emotion of discontentment seeks escape rather than resolution. For many years, you've been duped. You have been preparing emotionally and physically, (and at times even hoping) for the collapse of humanity. It has all been a necessary deception designed to keep you captive within your ego, enlightening you through fear and insecurity. But now, after many years of “failed apocalypses” you are beginning to understand this from a higher perspective as you question, “what’s really going on?”


The “collapse of humanity” is really the gradual collapse of the ego as you transcend into an expanded awareness of your Soul.

From this rising awareness surpassing the literal perception of the biblical end times, you are beginning to recognize the value of your own omniscience, to know and trust in your Self and to listen to the voice of divine comprehension.

Microcosmically you feel that you have been duped by a profit seeking agenda, but macrocosmically you are learning the precise teachings of cause and effect and how such illumination bring an understanding of value and the ability to discern.


The similarity in the sound of the words, ‘profit’ and ‘prophet’, is not a coincidence. This is a perceptual clue to perceive prophecies with skepticism and contemplation.


The ego uses fear and chaos to gain control with lies and distortion, which, as you have learned, is the crux of the monetary system—a symbolic projection of the ego.


As you approach higher levels of existence, you must perceive with your ascending wisdom, as this perception, guided by Divine intuition, is the only true prophecy and foresight that will enlighten you.


Prophecy is not found in outside sources, but created within, from your experiential path of applied wisdom. You are the Creator through this perception. Your lifetime of study and introspection has afforded you a wealth of personal prophecy, as you can only find Truth in something that you already know. Prophecies are found within your own observations of life’s path based on the experiences that have transcended.


The upcoming lunar tetrad, (the four consecutive blood moons that occur at the same time as the Jewish feast days) is causing many people to assume that this is a prophesied sign from God.


The real message in this current dooms day prophecy is that you must NOT look to the scriptures as literal guidance, but apply them to your life metaphorically. The sacred words of the scriptures have come into your awareness to guide you through your own lens of truth.
Life is an illusion, personally tailored through your ascending perception of wisdom you have accrued in infinite lifetimes.

Do not be discouraged by the confusion within the illusion, but rather decipher the clues that your ascending awareness is showing you. The mysteries of life are intended this way to allow you to contemplate and introspect from all possible angles for complete understanding. Such mysteries and confusion are opportunities for growth.


Dooms day prophecies keep surfacing into your awareness because you do not understand the message. There will be no apocalypse in the sense of the destruction of planet Earth; it is a metaphorical presentation of the breakdown of the ego. This process is inevitable, yet you fight to hold on to the very thing that hinders your ascension. You fight because you don’t understand, thus fear keeps you trapped as you become desperate for a savior.


The message in the prophecies is that you must reassess your perception of organized religions, because this is one of the main causes of division and hatred within your people. To perceive such diversity with openness, empathy and understanding will remove the defensive layers of ego and allow harmony to enter your world. You have reached a level of awareness that will show you that those whom you've judged in the past were really aspects of your own misguided actions. There is no separation, only infinite frequencies of energy that make up the whole of Everything.


In the current prophesy of the tetrad, the “state of Israel” is very significant.

In biblical terms, the holy land is a blessed place. Metaphorically, it is symbolic for a state of awareness, which offers specific aspects and circumstances. This awareness facilitates trials, tribulations and lessons that will bring your consciousness to expanded levels of comprehension and divine wisdom. But you must pay attention without judgment and learn from that which causes discord amongst your people.

The cause of conflict between religions is caused by possession, greed and separation, reflective of an egotistical view of the self.

With this awareness, you hold the power of "the ripple effect". You have the ability to neutralize the hatred and repair the division simply by releasing your own misinterpretations and negative perceptions of religions. Religions are simply stages of awareness, no different than ages of being human. It is the fixation with judgment on (and within) these diverse states of being that causes division and hatred.

The subconscious awareness of one's perception though subliminal transmission is unavoidable.
Know your true feelings, because although you may SAY that you do not judge, your conditioned mind may still be feeling otherwise. Your truest energy is what is transmitted into your world.
You must observe your world, seeing all actions as aspects of your infinite Being, waiting to be recognized and understood, as this is what will bring peace and wisdom to your existence.

When enough cause and effect takes place, the masses will rise to a unified state of awareness, seeing the connection to each other rather than the separation, and the wars will then cease and there will be peace and harmony. Until this state of awareness ripples into the collective whole, you must remain open to all sides of perceptions, empathizing with all aspects of being.