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Volatility: A Tool For Growth

July 23, 2018

Life consists of many ups and downs, tormenting us with contentment, pride and hopelessness.
For years, I have tried to understand the reason for this frustrating tantalization of cruel inconsistency. It always seemed that whenever I began to “get ahead” in my life or circumstances in some way, things would change and my progress would seem to slip out of my hands. Over the years, this pattern of unpredictability became very predictable and each time my head bowed into my hands with futility and disgust, I would ask myself—why?


There’s volatility in our moods, relationships, our health, the weather, the stock market, finances, power...virtually everything.

Over the years, I have learned to analyze myself as if I were my own test subject. One day, while contemplating the volatility of my relationship, I began to see the same pattern of volatility in other things...and then even more things until I reached an “aha” moment of realization—volatility is the pulsation of growth!

In darkness we seek light.
As I began to realize that perhaps volatility was not a bad thing, I pondered the effects volatility has had on me throughout my life—and in all cases, it caused me to grow (spiritually and intellectually).
When perceived with objectivity and honesty, I can see now that volatility simply exposes a deficit of understanding.

A loss is not loss when wisdom is gained, because wisdom has everlasting value.
As I reflected and introspected, I saw that my emotions had always hindered my understanding, thus keeping me stuck in my perception. Rather than gaining the lesson when things got bad, I shifted into victim mode and remained there. But now I see even that has taught me a great lesson—priceless wisdom that has expanded my perception to see with better clarity.
Because existence is an infinite cycle of growth, volatility is inevitable, thus it creates opportunity for correction when perception becomes derailed by emotion.


In the big picture, it’s all energy, exemplified for our mortal understanding through circumstantial evidence.
Mother nature shows us the value of volatility through rhythms and cycles. At times, the weather plays heavy on our emotions, ruining plans and creating havoc. Perceived through emotions, the weather can be kind and giving or cruel and unfair. But perceived without emotion, we can see what this volatility is telling us. Often times when severe, this volatility is a correction for our reckless abuse, teaching us about ourselves through cause and effect. Whether pleasant or severe, the volatility of the weather is a necessary condition for growth of our planet. And in the big picture, far beyond the self, who’s to say that Mother Nature does not grow or learn too? Are we so self-absorbed to think that only WE can grow and learn?

WE are infinite potential guided by cause and effect

Perceived with our ego, we are form, limited in growth and understanding.
Perceived with our Soul (a perception beyond mortal limitations and conditioning), we are infinite potential, expanding with wisdom in synchronicity with the expansion of the Universe. Our task as humans is to perceive beyond the limits of mortality and understand the omnipotence of our Selves through this human experience of cause and effect.
To perceive our experiences without the hindrances of emotional attachment releases us from conditioned thoughts and allows us to understand the energetic value.
Everything is energy, pulsating with the rhythm of volatility and expanding with eternal growth and wisdom of all that IS.

"All life, all pulsation in creation throbs with the mighty declaration of the biune truth of Shiva-Shakti, the eternal He and the eternal She at play in manifestation."
-Kularnava Tantra 3



"Fools dwelling in darkness, but thinking themselves wise and erudite, go round and round, by various tortuous paths, like the blind led by the blind."

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