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Solar Messages Updated!


December 31, 2018

At the end of each year, I assess my life, observing how I have grown or digressed. I realize that even within digression there is growth when it is recognized, because in the grand scheme of existence, our experiences inevitably teach us (whether it’s through failure, pain, victory or joy)—every moment of existence is movement toward growth of our eternal Being.


2018 provided a wealth of wisdom, much through Darkness.
In my place of the world, (literally and metaphorically) the Sun did not shine in it’s full capacity, causing me to chrysalize myself into a hard protective layer of introspection; and boy, what an amazing study this has been!

As my eyes acclimated to the Darkness, I was able to see things with more clarity.

Within the Darkness of my emotional and intellectual refuge, I saw parts of me that I did not know were there—yet another profound discovery of my eternal existence.
“How could this be?” I asked myself as I observed aspects of my Self that I only saw in others and loathed.
“It was judgment that prevented you from seeing it in yourself,” was the response. Although I’ve heard this before, it was the darkness that allowed me to truly embrace it. By being IN the darkness while the observation was there, I not only saw it, felt it and heard it, but EXPERIENCED it as well.
Wow! What a powerful revelation this was!

With this quark of wisdom, I began seeing others in a different hue, allowing forgiveness and understanding to replace the no longer useful perceptions of victimization and resentment. This quickly led me to realize that the full spectrum of Light (which includes darkness) is infinite and the infinite hues are our perceptions.


Life is clearly art and we are the artists painting our canvas with these infinite hues of perception.
I recently got back into painting again (something I have not done since I was a teenager, which interestingly was a very dark time in my life).

There is something about art that helps me to perceive life in other hues, perhaps it is the fundamental realization that as an artist I have the power to choose.

Through the Darkness, perception expands with the search for Light.
Within the Darkness, I found many things that I did not know were there. It was only until I realized that the Darkness is as equally valuable as the Light that I found self-acceptance. I no longer make excuses for my feelings because I know that they are here to guide me. Even in error, if I express myself (with the knowledge that I could be wrong), I will learn the truth, because truth has as many sides as Light has hues.


Light can only be understood with wisdom of the Darkness.
The Universe works in a very predictable way. Through rhythms and cycles, existence continues, enriched with experiential wisdom. Only through judgment, Darkness is perceived as something to avoid—a practice that has stalled me on my path many times and essentially kept me there. I am learning to embrace the cycles of life with contemplation and acceptance, which inevitably causes me to embrace my Self in the same way (and from this I find that I am received by the world with much more acceptance and understanding). Perhaps it is as simple as one’s deepest state of Being that defines the world in which they live.

I accept now that there is no definitive answer to the questions of life and existence, only the ever-expanding comprehension of my eternal Being. Because the human brain is so limited within its form, it is difficult to grasp such concepts as infinity and eternity. And so, my task here (and maybe yours) is to learn how to perceive beyond the limits of mortality and see with the eyes of God (whatever sacred and profound Being that may be to you).

*We are One*

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