Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


Since May of 2014...

I have chosen to disconnect from all outside sources of information and tuned in to Mother Earth and the cosmos.
From the Sun, and filtered by the trees,
I have gotten amazing revelations and direction, undistorted and pure in perception.

I urge everyone to do this, as this is where your Truth will be found.

I share these revelations only as inspiration to seek your own Truth,
because Truth is as unique as your DNA.

June 28, 2015 3:52 PM


For many years you thought that happiness and joy were life's goals. "The American dream" was pushed in all phases of the media—magazines, television, news, movies...
Credit cards and bank loans were (and still are) the seduction into this "blissful state of abundance". But now as your eyes begin to open something doesn't seem right, and the question is posed—“is happiness just another marketable commodity?”


As your current state of awareness experiences the breakdown of the paradigm, the cause and effect of corruption, deception and greed is undeniable. And so, the incessant push for happiness is stronger than ever, evident in so many “marketable solutions”.


The obsessive quest and persistent marketing of happiness has become a delusive distraction, preventing you from seeing the broader view of your existence with reason and understanding.

Happiness is just one face in the multifaceted spectrum of infinite existence.

To seek only to happiness is a confusing limitation that negates the wisdom that comes from the diversity of emotional responses.


In this current phase of awareness, you perceive life with many ups and downs. The Universe exemplifies this process through the waxing and waning of the cosmos and the cycles of change on your planet.

Your awareness is rising as you begin to feel the vibrational pull toward your next realm of existence. Reality (your current illusion) is changing with your expanding awareness. The process is confusing at first until you understand the complexity of this Divine intricate circuitry.

Currently you are beginning to notice the ominous spotlight on happiness.

Initially, this awareness may surface with confusing emotions, making you feel deprived, resentful or perhaps even jealous. Such emotional states can be transcended with broader perspectives. Allow yourself to feel but more importantly, to grow. Know that there is a broader view that will enlighten you to a truth far beyond the trappings of ego desires.

The ups and downs you experience in life are sacred passages to your higher Self, aka God, Heaven, immortality—what ever you deem the ultimate “Truth” to be.

The human body is the vehicle to your higher Self.
The emotions that respond to life’s circumstances are perfect guides to obtain understanding of this sacred path. Each circumstance that you experience, regardless if you perceive it as good, bad, blissful or traumatic, is equally valuable in your path to your ultimate Truth. Within the vast spectrum of human existence, there are many emotions, present in your awareness to enlighten you to your higher Self. Focusing on just one of these emotions will undoubtedly result in an unbalanced state of being. The key to ascension is not happiness, but balance and understanding.

Beyond the imagery and emotion of your human awareness, life's lessons are energetic currents that fuel your existence.

Resistance to these Divine currents result in illness and disease, leaving you with no other option than to slow down and focus on the lesson at hand. It is understanding of the circumstance that you are resisting (whether mentally, physically or emotionally) that is needed most at the moment it comes into your awareness.

Rather than feel victimized by the discomfort or prideful by the pleasure, you must [objectively] introspect and abstract the wisdom, a process that can only be achieved with understanding. Self perceived delusions such as victimization and pride are tethers in your rise to Truth.


The world is a projection of your inner state of being—incremental states of awareness that bring expansion to your ever-evolving Self.

There are no right or wrong ways in navigating through your path, only enlightenment through all of your stumbles, stalls and victories.

When difficult and confusing circumstances arise there are four ways to react: denial, suffering, escape and understanding.

Depending on your level of awareness, it may be a process, and at other times it may be a choice. Denial, suffering and escape (drugs or alcohol), are elementary rungs in the ladder of awareness. The circumstances will continue to surface until you can broaden your perspective by transcending the human response to complete understanding, in which wisdom is then attained. 


Trust is the key in getting through the difficult times.

Self-awareness is your eyes in seeing the bigger picture, which will allow you to see beyond the small scope of “victim” or "victor", and understand each crucial component that brought you there.

In seeing the bigger picture you can understand the intricate circuitry that created the circumstance. Rather than habitually suffering or gloating, you will see reason, which will release you from the stagnant level of awareness and transcend you to a higher state of Being.


Ride the current of your present awareness without resistance.

The world is an energetic hologram of karmic wisdom. Everything you experience is a current of energy, a circuitry of infinite components. You are the creator of the imagery behind this energy—experiencing a human world through your perceptions of belief and emotions. Everything that takes place is created for your ascension (spiritual growth and Universal expansion).

Each increment of awareness is as valuable as the one above and below. Trusting in the flow of your existence, will give you trust in yourself, and better clarity for expansion into your higher Self. And yet, at times, when your vision is clouded, that too is a Divine classroom of infinite wisdom, which will eventually enlighten your perception as you may need time to adapt to the Light of clarity and reason.

You are the orchestrator of your world through your self-awareness. Everything is a reflection of You and your conscious and subconscious states of being. Be objective in your reasoning and above all...Know thy Self.

“Know thyself;

then thou shalt know the Universe and God.”