Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


August 20, 2014

Recently there has been a surge of intense solar flares[1] affecting the planet.  Long periods of time in the woods have brought me to the understanding of what these solar flares really are...


Scientifically, solar flares are caused by magnetic flow conduction, an evolving process within the expansion of the universe.


Spiritually, solar flares are energetic particles that are bringing information to receptive beings through advanced states of awareness. 

There is great potential in this cosmic influx of energies, however, it is crucial that the solar flare activity is received without man-made interference or else it will become distorted and chaotic. The distorted effects can impact sensitive humans with heart palpitations, insomnia, emotional irritability, mental fogginess and digestive disturbances (the most common reported human reactions).


Proper receptivity of the solar flares will bring personalized information and esoteric wisdom. 


Once you can recognize solar flare activities (through sensory perception), it is most conducive to retreat into the woods, into an environment that is quiet and receptive.

Meditation is extremely powerful and beneficial at this time, as it connects you to the super charged particles of “cosmic dynamism”—the infinite transcendence of Universal (and personal) growth and creation.


The solar flares function similar to a magnifying glass, creating intensified energies. If utilized properly, solar flares have the potential to bring great clarity and heightened perception to the receiver. However, utilized improperly or unrecognized, can result in over intensity, hyper-stimulation and chaos.

(I personally, have found the woods to be highly preferable over the beach as the intensity can be overwhelming without the filtration and receptivity of the trees [trees are terrestrial antennae to cosmic intelligence]).

Observe the ways of nature to discover the nature of thyself.

In close observance of the behavior of deer during solar flare activity, it is profoundly evident that their behavior adapts to the intensified energies. 

They become still, yet noticeably more alert as they lay under the trees avoiding direct sun and food. 

From observing the uninfluenced, yet completely tuned-in demeanor of the deer, I have learned to heighten my own awareness to the absorption of the solar flares within the receptivity of the forest.


During intense solar flares, Mother Earth becomes protective with “maternal energies”. These energies are bringing up the feminine spirit within all living beings. Unrecognized, these unutilized energies can quickly transform into chaotic responses of emotional and physical disturbances, arousing the defensive “yang” energy into perpetuating an imbalance of personal and global subsistence.


To balance the flow of cosmic and terrestrial energy, we must nurture the Earth, ourselves and others to release the Yin energy (Divine feminine) that is being drawn upon by the magnetic interaction of the flares. This is the balancing force that is inevitable when the Universal and terrestrial (yin and yang) becomes out of balance. There is infinite wisdom in the Universal flow, available to everyone who is willing to recognize and receive it.

Listen to the silence, tune in to the Divine energies that are flowing through you and trust in the flawless design of the Universe.


“The increase of scientific knowledge lies not only in the occasional milestones of science, but in the efforts of the very large body of men who with love and devotion observe and study nature.”

-Polykarp Kusch




[1] Solar flares are massive energy releases of electrons, ions, and atoms through the sun’s corona (the outer atmosphere consisting of gaseous plasma) into space. These power surges have the ability to disrupt radio transmissions, cause damage to satellites and electrical transmission lines and carry the potential of massive and long-lasting power outages.

“The Self, indeed, is below. It is above. It is behind. 

It is before. It is to the south. It is to the north. 

The Self, indeed, is all this.
Verily, he who sees this, reflects on this, and understands this 

delights in the Self, sports with the Self, 

rejoices in the Self, revels in the Self. 

Even while living in the body he becomes a self-ruler. 

He wields unlimited freedom in all the worlds.”
Chandogya Upanishad 7:25.2

“The Self, indeed, is below. It is above. It is behind. 

It is before. It is to the south. It is to the north. 

The Self, indeed, is all this.
Verily, he who sees this, reflects on this, and understands this 

delights in the Self, sports with the Self, 

rejoices in the Self, revels in the Self. 

Even while living in the body he becomes a self-ruler. 

He wields unlimited freedom in all the worlds.”
Chandogya Upanishad 7:25.2

January 6, 2018

Our Circle of Concern

The Fibonacci Sequence, or the Golden Ratio,  is the numerical pattern of growth.
All things grow according to this process of evolution.


Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (which clearly shows the Golden Ratio) was not just a drawing showing the human form, but a clue to our inner power through proper patterns of growth.


To understand our true power[1], we must first understand the real meaning of the word power. Like God and Love, true power an ineffable realization that cannot be used for personal gain. True power is an energy that as humans, we must learn it's magnitude through an incremental process of development.

For much of my life, I felt the need to change the world—to enlighten others so we can all live a more peaceful and harmonious existence. However, I often found myself hostile and depressed, overwhelmed by a morbid sense of futility in my mission.


I have attended many protests and rallies intended to make the world a better place. Although I was part of massive groups of people all striving toward common goals of peace and equality, every time I attended these events I felt drained and powerless and could not figure out why...until one day it hit me.

One morning while reading the newspaper (a part of my daily routine), I shifted my attention to the large framed print of the Vitruvian Man that hangs on my kitchen wall. For years this drawing intrigued me, but I could not figure out why. As I studied the Golden Ratio within the perfect radius of the man within, I took notice to a shift in my energy—it was astounding.
I thought to myself, “What is this telling me?”

The next few days, I decided to stop reading the newspaper. It was around this same time that I started volunteering my Reiki services to hospice patients. My only intention was to bring each person I worked with peace and clarity, one by one (a task that was well within my radius of capability). 
After a few weeks, I began to feel very different. I felt a wholeness within myself that was remarkable. I had a sense of power that enabled me to truly help people. I had not felt this way since my daughters were babies; but what was the key that enabled this?


As I connected the dots of everything leading up to my shift, I began to realize how it all linked up.


I thought back to when I was overwhelmed with futility.
Although my intentions were good in my activism, I was trying to reach out way further than I was effectively capable.
From this futile state I no longer saw any joy in the world. I felt hostile and resentful because I was unable to help. My sense of personal power felt depleted. As I analyzed this process of depletion, I started to see how these negative emotions were doing nothing but putting more negativity into the world.

Because everything in the Universe is energetic, I can see now that I was actually perpetuating the negative energy that I was trying so hard to fix!

I am learning that to avoid the burden of futility, and all of the emotional backlash that comes with it, I must keep my circle of concern within my capability.
But in order to know what my radius is, I must truly know my Self. This entails much honest self-reflection, seeking my blind spots and forgiving myself when I realize I screw up (a simple task of taking heed to the lesson, which gives value to the experience thus, forgiveness is inevitable).

As I learn to fix and strengthen myself, I see my strength overflowing on to others.
I see now the crucial importance of staying within my capable radius of concern. And most remarkably, as I continue this practice, I can see my circle expand with self-generating power. 


Someone recently brought up the question that if we all kept our circle of concern small, then how could people like Martin Luther King or Gandhi affect change on such a large scale? My answer to that is—I believe that people that have affected change on such large scales have large radius' of capability.
With years of life experience, people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King have honed their virtues of sincerity, selflessness and self-knowledge along with being in the public eye, enabling their radius to expand. 

It is important to point out, however, that each and every living thing in this world is a precious Universe in itself. Therefore, in realizing your power, it’s not about mass, nor is it about recognition or reward (such focus will only serve to delude your growth), it’s simply about radiating your light of wisdom and strength—a divine phenomenon that comes from knowing thy Self, (your capabilities, your weaknesses, your true intentions...etc.).

Every day is an opportunity to cultivate this world through cultivation of the Self.
Our purpose here is to beam the divine light (God) that each and every one of us holds.
Energy has an affinity to itself, therefore, when we find it within ourselves we will generate it in others. 
This is true power.

"Know thy Self and thou shalt Know
the Universe and God."
                               - Pythagoras

[1.] True power is an essence that shines from within, radiating a Light of wisdom and strength. This is a Light so bright that in order to perceive it, we must slowly acclimate to it throughout our lifetime, using our life experiences to understand it.

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“You can have no dominion greater or less than that over yourself.”

-Leonardo da Vinci