Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


The Infinite Self

March 31, 2017

Reality is your story; visual metaphors and allegories of your infinite Self, presented to you in many different ways.

The expansion of consciousness comes into your awareness when your comprehension level is ready to experience it, often times with chaos and emotional charge, and with logical is the element of mystery and confusion that compels you to seek full understanding and ultimately ascend with divine wisdom.
In the grand scheme of eternity, there is no time, thus the attainment of such wisdom is not relevant to hours, days, or years. Patience is key in the attainment of wisdom because rushing through an experience with the distraction of time and outcome will cause you to miss crucial elements of understanding no matter how insignificant they may seem (everything is of equal value when perceived through the eyes of divinity).  

All things that come into your awareness are personally tailored for you (by you); a gradual unveiling of your infinite Self. Stay open to all possibilities, free from judgment and fear, seeing all things equal and you will be able to recognize and decipher your world with divine clarity.

Your world is a manifestation of known and unknown aspects of you, presenting you with experiences that define your unified and divine existence. 
Just as you cannot see yourself without a mirror, you cannot see your Self without the reflection of your world. Your ability to understand is expanding with experiential wisdom, and you are beginning to learn how to extract the essence from the illusion.

Be cautious not to allow your focus to become confused by the illusion.
Divine truth cannot be found in one scope of perception, but rather in the broader view, defined in many different ways. You are on a unique path of soul expansion carried out through the human delusion, thus your understanding of truth should be personalized and interpreted with your own lens of perception.

Separate yourself from the illusion, and tune in to unified energy, frequency and vibration, find it within your Self and you will understand your profound existence.

You are Truth;


without error.

That which is below 

and that which is above 

is mirrored from within 

to do the miracles 

of One only thing.

And as all things have been and arose from one 

by the mediation of One: 

so all things have their birth from this One thing 

by adaptation.

The Sun is the illuminator, 

the moon is the reflector, 

the wind carries the energy, 

of all things on earth.

The potential of all things 

is here and now.

Its spirit has manifested 

into your world.

Detach your self from the illusion of earth 

from the pain and madness,

and from the comfort of things that pass,

with great contemplation.

You ascend from the earth to the heaven 

and again 

you descend to the earth 

You exist from the energy 

of all things 

superior and inferior.

By this means 

you shall have the glory 

of the whole world

and thereby all obscurity 

shall fly from you.

Your spirit is above all illusion. 

For it vanquishes 

every subtle thing 

and penetrates 

every solid thing.

From perception, the world is created.

From this, 

comes infinite levels of awareness
whereof the means is the present.
Hence We are known as You,
having the three parts 

of the philosophy of the whole world.

That which is said 

of the operation of the Sun 

is accomplished and ended.
(adapted from the Emerald Tablet) 

Know thy Self and you will know the Universe and God.



*We are One*

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