Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


The One Without Form

July 21, 2018

You have come to this place in your awareness to realize and understand the purpose of existence as the infinite potential, an ineffable force that perpetuates the Universe’s expansion.
The expansion is eternal, fueled with the growth of wisdom and realized through an infinitely ascending perception.

Through cause and effect, you learn the mechanisms of the Universe.
Your mission here is to expand the power of the Universe with the energy of wisdom, the result of your perceptual lifetimes. As you acclimate to the power and ineffability of the Universe, you will begin to accept things without question.  

Names, faces, labels and definitions are applicable only in this illusion. They serve to pace you in your expansion with increments of understanding.
As a human, you perceive energy as something outside of you.
Everything in your world represents an energetic aspect of God—the infinite potential.
The ego persists in trying to harness and control this energy; although a perceived flaw in the master design, it is a necessary one as it paces your exposure to the profundity of it’s power. Your “flaws” are your virtues as they teach you timeless wisdom through cause and effect.

Your quest for energy and power outside of yourself perpetuates the illusion until you can know the complete spectrum of its potential. The search for God is no different, as God is the energy that you seek to harness and control through form and definition. Your search will exist for as long as you seek outside of yourself because you ARE God—a Light that is so bright, an energy that is so intense, that it takes lifetimes to acclimate to its power and perception.

When your current mission is complete, a level of awareness known to your mortal state as “death”, you will release your limited, human perceptions, and know the complex energetic circuitry of You.
You will know without limits, Love without conditions and BE without distinction. You are energy that perpetuates existence—You in the sense of all that Is.

Without understanding and trust, the acclimation process can be difficult resulting in chaos and struggle.

Some simple rules to guide you in the process with more ease and clarity:

Know thy Self.

Be honest with yourself and seek to understand. There is a wealth of wisdom in honesty and a clarifying Light that illuminates your world when you seek, generated by the energy of your quest. It is only when you stop seeking that the Light dims.

Be accountable in your actions.
Do not blame others, but rather understand the dynamics. Observe yourself and know your intentions.

Trust in the Universe.

Recognize the absolute perfection of the Universe and you will begin to trust in its evolution. Know that YOU are in direct center of the infinite Universe; therefore, you are in direct center of the divine plan.
Regardless of how the Universe if perceived or defined, you are unified with all of creation through the energy of existence.

Be kind.
All that you see is a reflection of your conditioned beliefs, manifested to help you understand and grow with wisdom. Kindness is the great equalizer, reducing conflict and allowing you to ascend with greater ease and clarity.


See God in all things.
Beyond the human scope, there is no judgment, only the unity of wisdom.

Judgment holds you hostage in anger and resentment. While there’s value in understanding the dynamics of such emotions, you will remain stagnant in your growth until you can understand with compassion and realize God in all things.
To see God in all things opens your heart and mind to the power of Love—the energy that fuels creation.


Music compilation credits:

“Une Nuit En Hilvern” by Artesia

“Launch Approval” by Vangelis

Share the Light:

“Eye cannot see It, nor words reveal It;

by the senses, austerity, or works It is not known.

When the mind is cleansed by the grace of wisdom,

It is seen by contemplation--the One without parts.”

“In the golden city of the heart dwells

The Lord of Love, without parts, without stain.

Know this Lord as the radiant light of lights.

There shines not the sun, neither moon nor star,

Nor flash of lightning, nor fire lit on earth.

The Lord is the light reflected by all.

It shines... everything shines this Light.”

The Upanishads