Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!

Solar Messages Updated!


Since May of 2014...

I have chosen to disconnect from all 

outside sources of information and tuned in
to Mother Earth and the cosmos.

From the Sun, and filtered by the trees,

I have gotten amazing revelations and direction,

undistorted and pure in perception.

I urge everyone to do this, 

as this is where your Truth will be found.
I share these revelations only 

as inspiration to seek your own Truth,
because Truth is as unique as your DNA.

The Personification of Energy.

Artwork: Kouji Oshiro Kochi
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Who is God and why am I here?

The answers that you seek are in plain sight.

Projection, reflection and introspection are the eyes of the Soul, enabling you to see beyond the illusion.

Everything is energy.

Everything within your reality is a visual metaphor, created by You through your perception.

Perception is an established awareness of something through the senses and mental impression based on belief.

Belief changes as you grow.


“Energy cannot be created or destroyed,
it can only be changed from one form to another.”

-Albert Einstein

As a child, you were taught by sensory stimulation and conceptual recognition, which advanced your cognitive abilities. Emotion was your first step of mental and visual comprehension, thus, to begin to understand objects and concepts, they were personified with faces. 

Reality is comprised of infinite aspects of energy.

Belief systems have long personified forms of energy as gods and goddesses, demons and angels. Some energies are benevolent and some are malevolent, but both equally crucial in the advancement of consciousness. 

For the unascended perception to comprehend the magnitude of energies, they begin as personified entities.

The Universe is a complex circuitry of Divine frequencies far beyond what the human mind can fathom. You are the impetus of this Universe. 

Thoughts and intentions are energies, charged with emotions. Emotions are reality’s energetic frequencies that generate the flow of human consciousness, thus, in the early stages of awareness, such concepts must be grasped through personification and emotional response.


All that you perceive is a gradual reflection of the Omnipotent You.

Even YOU are personified with a face, which is a façade of your True Essence—an energetic flow of ineffable power.
Within the human experience, facial recognition is an elementary stage of awareness in the gradual comprehension of the process of enlightenment. The (human) ego can only grasp this process through the tool of emotion, thus faces are projected onto energetic frequencies of impending growth. This growth is the infinite expansion of the Universe, comprised of generation (the human experience) and evolution (cause and effect), which feeds the infinite flow of energy.


You are the Alpha and the Omega who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.

When you grasp such concepts beyond the utilization of your limited human ego, you will no longer need to personify them with faces and labels. You will comprehend the ineffable with expanded perceptions, transcend to higher levels of awareness, and transcend your reality in sync with your cognitive state of being.

"Man know thyself; 

then thou shalt know the Universe and God."


As you ascend to higher states of awareness, you will come to understand the magnitude of this ineffable energy you currently call “existence”. Although now it is cluttered with names, faces and labels, just as you outgrew your toys as a child, you will outgrow your current perceptions and beliefs.

When you fully grasp the Wisdom that each perception holds, you will transcend to higher (or denser) energetically charged frequencies with attributes far beyond what your current awareness can ever imagine.

The common phrase “let go and let God,” refers to the eternal flow of energy. When you find yourself in traumatic states, it means you are adhering to ego sentiments, unable to let go and advance. Resisting the flow will only cause chaos and confusion, until you grasp the evolutionary task at hand and gain the wisdom. 

Trust in the Divine flow that has always carried you through eternity. 

Know that this flow is all that is, was and ever will bethe Divine essence of You.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

― Nikola Tesla