March 10, 2018

The Spiritual Purpose of the Aging Form


You are born with an innate awareness to recognize only one thing—the divine energy of Love. Through the human experience of loss and gain, you will come full circle into your original state of awareness with experiential wisdom and understanding of what this divine energy really is.

As you grow, you discover the mechanisms of the ego with emotional attachments and self-awareness. Through this crucial process of trials and tribulations, victories and failures, gains and loss, your soul simultaneously expands with wisdom.


Throughout your life you have attached yourself to your body and mind, to others  and to things—all transient forms that bring incredible meaning into your life, yet deep down, you know they will not last forever. Through the pain of loss, you learn how to love without attachment, and come to know the magnitude of understanding that only Love is eternal.


As your human form ages, it loses its youthful appeal and physical strength. 

There is no eluding this process, and so you will grasp this stage of your human existence with either grace or grievance.

To the attached mind, the aging form is perceived as a tragedy—an unfortunate disease of atrophy and weakness resulting in death.

To the unattached mind aging is perceived as a metamorphosis into the brilliance of the Soul.

The virtue of non-attachment is a practice that comes with the human experience of loss.
Through the lens of the superficial ego, the loss of youth is perceived as something to grieve, but with the mastery of non-attachment, this loss is a pathway to greater understanding of who and what you really are.

When all value is held in the physical form, you disregard the divine brilliance and power of the soul.
True beauty is an essence that is recognized without form.

The sorrows of aging come from the obsession of a single perspective.

Whenever you feel tormented by the conditions of life, it is time to shift your perspective.
Understand that perception is always a choice. When anything in your life is perceived through a small scope with no other points of view, you become stuck in an emotional gridlock. You will not advance until you choose another angle of perception. To attain wisdom from life’s lessons, you must understand them from many angles. When your emotions become agonizing, it simply means that is time to shift your perspective.

Your focus now is to rise above the vehicle of your human form. Embrace the edifying stages of your mortality and release yourself to the divine flow of your immortal existence. When you can fully accept this evolutionary path, you will no longer be burdened by the loss of your youth.

The aging human form is your metamorphosis into a greater state of being.

When youth and physical beauty are relinquished like the autumn leaves from the majestic oak, you will recognize an aspect of your existence that is far more profound than the illusion.

Surrendering to the process with total trust will allow you to look in the mirror and celebrate the reflection, seeing each line as a rite of passage toward immortality and spiritual intelligence.

As the layers of ego peel away through the transcendence of the human form, you will come to see the aging process as the ripening of your worldly wisdom, the divine fruition of your triumphs and struggles.

The frustration and futility of holding on to physical beauty will be replaced with a wisdom far beyond frivolous distractions and youthful desires. You will come to recognize the integrity of your autumnal state.
Honor the cycles of your life, as each one has a necessary and valuable purpose, bringing you closer to your divine brilliance.


Embrace the seasons of your existence and your light will shine clear anbright,
illuminating your path so you can see the vast potential of what you truly are. 

August 20, 2014

Recently there has been a surge of intense solar flares[1] affecting the planet.  Long periods of time in the woods have brought me to the understanding of what these solar flares really are...


Scientifically, solar flares are caused by magnetic flow conduction, an evolving process within the expansion of the universe.


Spiritually, solar flares are energetic particles that are bringing information to receptive beings through advanced states of awareness. 

There is great potential in this cosmic influx of energies, however, it is crucial that the solar flare activity is received without man-made interference or else it will become distorted and chaotic. The distorted effects can impact sensitive humans with heart palpitations, insomnia, emotional irritability, mental fogginess and digestive disturbances (the most common reported human reactions).


Proper receptivity of the solar flares will bring personalized information and esoteric wisdom. 


Once you can recognize solar flare activities (through sensory perception), it is most conducive to retreat into the woods, into an environment that is quiet and receptive.

Meditation is extremely powerful and beneficial at this time, as it connects you to the super charged particles of “cosmic dynamism”—the infinite transcendence of Universal (and personal) growth and creation.


The solar flares function similar to a magnifying glass, creating intensified energies. If utilized properly, solar flares have the potential to bring great clarity and heightened perception to the receiver. However, utilized improperly or unrecognized, can result in over intensity, hyper-stimulation and chaos.

(I personally, have found the woods to be highly preferable over the beach as the intensity can be overwhelming without the filtration and receptivity of the trees [trees are terrestrial antennae to cosmic intelligence]).

Observe the ways of nature to discover the nature of thyself.

In close observance of the behavior of deer during solar flare activity, it is profoundly evident that their behavior adapts to the intensified energies. 

They become still, yet noticeably more alert as they lay under the trees avoiding direct sun and food. 

From observing the uninfluenced, yet completely tuned-in demeanor of the deer, I have learned to heighten my own awareness to the absorption of the solar flares within the receptivity of the forest.


During intense solar flares, Mother Earth becomes protective with “maternal energies”. These energies are bringing up the feminine spirit within all living beings. Unrecognized, these unutilized energies can quickly transform into chaotic responses of emotional and physical disturbances, arousing the defensive “yang” energy into perpetuating an imbalance of personal and global subsistence.


To balance the flow of cosmic and terrestrial energy, we must nurture the Earth, ourselves and others to release the Yin energy (Divine feminine) that is being drawn upon by the magnetic interaction of the flares. This is the balancing force that is inevitable when the Universal and terrestrial (yin and yang) becomes out of balance. There is infinite wisdom in the Universal flow, available to everyone who is willing to recognize and receive it.

Listen to the silence, tune in to the Divine energies that are flowing through you and trust in the flawless design of the Universe.


“The increase of scientific knowledge lies not only in the occasional milestones of science, but in the efforts of the very large body of men who with love and devotion observe and study nature.”

-Polykarp Kusch




[1] Solar flares are massive energy releases of electrons, ions, and atoms through the sun’s corona (the outer atmosphere consisting of gaseous plasma) into space. These power surges have the ability to disrupt radio transmissions, cause damage to satellites and electrical transmission lines and carry the potential of massive and long-lasting power outages.

“The Self, indeed, is below. It is above. It is behind. 

It is before. It is to the south. It is to the north. 

The Self, indeed, is all this.
Verily, he who sees this, reflects on this, and understands this 

delights in the Self, sports with the Self, 

rejoices in the Self, revels in the Self. 

Even while living in the body he becomes a self-ruler. 

He wields unlimited freedom in all the worlds.”
Chandogya Upanishad 7:25.2

“The Self, indeed, is below. It is above. It is behind. 

It is before. It is to the south. It is to the north. 

The Self, indeed, is all this.
Verily, he who sees this, reflects on this, and understands this 

delights in the Self, sports with the Self, 

rejoices in the Self, revels in the Self. 

Even while living in the body he becomes a self-ruler. 

He wields unlimited freedom in all the worlds.”
Chandogya Upanishad 7:25.2

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