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September 4, 2020


What Drives You?

What drives the human animal? Is it nature or nurture that puts us into action?

 For the most part, the actions of animals are driven by three things—fear, procreation and hunger—the elements of survival. Yes, it can be strongly argued that animals love their owners, but what drives this love? Is it that we take care of them, feed them, give them shelter…etc? So it seems reasonable to conclude that love is also a part of survival, a force that preserves life. Although animals have evolved to some extent, their evolution consists primarily of natural selection, an evolved state based only from primal instincts.
*It is important to keep in mind that for many valid reasons, animals are precious to human existence and this information is NOT intended to devaluate animals, but to simply show a contrast of animal vs human potential. 

What drives the human animal?
Although we too are animals, possessing the same animal instincts, there is one major aspect that separates humans from animals—our ability to reason.

In the big picture our animal instincts of survival are the baseline for our decisions. However, with the ability to reason, humans have an intelligence that goes far above and beyond the just an instinct to survive—and thus we evolve. 

With our ability to reason comes introspection, self reflection and a moral base of right and wrong—attributes that advance us collectively and spiritually toward growth and higher intelligence.

Collectively, it is undeniable that we are evolving, (although those who are unhappy with the state of the world may say that we have devolved). There are many perspectives to truth and perhaps for some, “devolution” holds some merit. But overall, we ARE evolving.

So we must ask ourselves, "what drives us throughout our day? Or when we feel threatened?
Is it our animal instincts of fear, procreation and hunger that drives us? Or is it the desire to evolve?"

Humans have the evolutionary advantage to react with free will—either from their animal instincts or with reason. 

Because animals are incapable of reason, their instinctive emotion is anger and violence as this is their only defense. When they are afraid, they become violent. When they are hungry, they become violent. When they are competing for a mate, they become violent.
Quite often humans also also display this response in similar situations, however, humans also have a much better survival tool—the ability to evaluate and strategize for a better outcome.

Anger is a primal emotion of un-evolved beings.
Anger is the automatic response to those who have not (or cannot) cultivate themselves with insight and contemplation. Because animals do not posses this ability, they react with violence and anger. 

Human babies also react with anger and violence (tantrums) when they don't get their way (hence the terrible two's). Because a baby's mind has not developed with experiential wisdom, all they know is their primal instincts. So it is reasonable to conclude that self-control is a sign of intelligence.

But herein lies the bigger question—what does it take to evolve?

Self reflection and introspection are key in evolution.

Reacting with animal instincts might protect us in the short-lived moment, but reacting with reason and self-control protects us for a longer duration (and has greater potential for substantial change), allowing us to evolve with insight and wisdom.
Some may wonder, “why put all the effort into self-control and introspection rather than just tune in and react with my instinctive animal nature?” Well, you have the free will to respond that way if you choose. But the only way to evolve (intellectually, emotionally, spiritually...etc.) is to use your sense of reason.

So the next time you feel yourself bubbling up with anger, ask yourself this, “Am I just an animal or an evolving being full of potential?” 

Your subsequential actions will answer that question.

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